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we dont pretend like we are going to last forever

So im in love with a boy. not just any boy, but yeah, hes my boyfriend. we've probably been dating around 4 months, and i know what your thinking, thats nothing! But hes diffrent. He doesnt pressure me to do anything i wouldnt want to do, he pays, but doesnt get offended if i want to pay once in a while. He puts on the guise like he's weak, but really he's probably the strongest guy i know. He has this real sweet disposition, but he really isnt innocent at all....which i adore, the way he hugs me and tells me im all he sees, the way he'll grab my hand when i lay my head on his shoulder,but best is that i know he really cares about me, we dont pretend like we are going to last forever, but if we do have a bump in the road, he's always there to let me know that we can overcome anything, and it took me just now to realize what i have.


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