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And I will probably never see him again...

I never believed in love at first sight.
But then I met him. It was in the school when I suddenly saw him. And he looked at me back. My heart started raising fast, I started to blush and tears started to push into my eyes. I felt really happy for no apparent reason. I never had that feeling before in my life.
I've never seen him before, and I realised that he must have been new. I asked a few friends about him and they said he wasnt english and that he was in england only for a few months. My heart shuttered.
A few days after that, my friends got as together and made as talk. A few days after that we started going out. But it didn't work, I was so shy and I told him so and now we're just friends.
I like him very very much. I've never met anyone like him before.
Now we're great friends, althought i know him for only about a two months it seems like ages.
He goes out with me and my friends loads and I think he likes me back.
But in about thirty days he'll be gone. Gone for ever. And I will probably never see him again...


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