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im still waiting for him...

it all happened a few years back.. bryan was the ex boyfriend of my bestfriend and he courted me.. i never liked him because in the first place he was the ex of my bestfriend.. but he did everything to win my heart.. and on sept. 26 we became a couple. I was right in accepting him as my boyfriend, because for me he is perfect. He is sweet, Loving, Thoughtful, and everthing.I always get excited in going home to school because i want to text him. He would always complete my day and world. And i love him so much. everynight he'd call me up to check on me. but on our first monthsary, he broke up with me, the reason is that he would already go back to the states. he even forgot our monthsary. But the most painful is that he broke up with me the same day as oour monthsary. i cried that day so hard. i al;ready had swollen eyes but still i kept on crying.. i attended gimmiks but still i cant forget him.. 2 days after, he texted me and said that he will not anymore go back because he chose to be with me. wow i was so glad that i cried. tears of joy. this time he promised me that he will never leave me, and promise that he will not make me cry anymore. i hugged him so tight. as days goes by his text were just few and sometimes he'll not text me a day. i always worry. but he makes it a point that he'll text me and say sorry for not texting me.. because he was busy.. i always understand him. but then his texts became few.. and wont even text me for a week. I always text him, But he wont answer it. Until one day he told me that its better for us to break up, my heart beated fast as if it will explode. i asked him why and he told me "i dont think that i am doing my part as a boyfriend to you baby.." I said "I dont care if youre doing it right or wrong, as long as i love you everything is right..pls dont do This." I pleaded tearfully. He SAid back "but this will be the best for the two of us.. im sorry.. im not just the right for a lowsy not worthit for your love..." i cried and cried.. and asked myself why... i took a walk outside still crying.. after 5 hours of walking i texted him.. i asked him to take me back.. coz i cant be without him.. and i love him so much.. he answered back "are you sure?' i said yes.. then he said that he will think it over... he didnt answered me back anymore..i waited for 3 days.. then i called him.. i told him "bryan.. I dont care if you cant decide right now, but there is one thing that will promise, I will wait for it no matter hjow long... no matter what it takes..." before he could answer i turned off my phone.. then the following day he texted me and it says "i dont want you to be hurt.. please just forget about me.. i cant still decifde...;" that was the last message that I HAve received from him... then I heard that he will be going back to the states... that was the last thing that ive heard about him....until now im still waiting for him...


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