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CHAPTER 1 "The Encounter"
There was something in the air that Shera was bothering
about. Something was different... something seemed
unusual... Something that was making her heart pound.
Fast. Really fast.

As she walked down the stairs and outside the door of
the salas, the air blew quickly in her hair and the tiny
pine leaves went clicking in the ends of her hair. She
brushed her hair to take the leaves away and then
walked down the street. She knew she was late in her grandmother's errands so she run as fast as she could in order for her get to her grandmother's fruit shop.

The weather began to change then and it seemed to rain.

She walk inside in a dark alley across the street of her house. It was the only shortcut she knew so there was no other choice left. Walking alone with walls between her was not a very good idea to end the day right. But what the heck, even the weather seemed unfriendly anyway and she just got to reach her grandmothers shop before it closes. The dark alley was not a problem but what she had in mind. She just finished a horror movie and the face of the ghost was still fresh in her memory.

Suddenly a flash of light came just close in one side of the alley were she was about to pass. She thought then it was only a lightning. But a lightning? A lighting could never strike in a closed alley.

"Hey! Shera! Will you please stop those horror images out of your mind!"

She said to herself and continued to run towards the end of the narrow street.

But by the time she took another step suddenly she bumped into a stranger wearing a black leather coat. He was wearing all black all right, tall about 5.9" and his face was slightly illuminated that was created by the unknown light. She shouted at once not even looking at the stranger in her front.... Close in her front.... And then as quick as the strike of an arrow in a hanging apple, the stranger suddenly kissed her in the lips to stop her from shouting.


CHAPTER 2 "The Mysterious Man"

There was silence... She was amazed. Shocked by what
happened so quickly. She could only hear the thunder
in the sky and the whistling of the wind as the rain started
to pour. Her heart abruptly pounded in an instant when
he traced her face in his hands...

Her eyes looked at the strangers face. It was a man
with such mysterious eyes. So mysterious. But she felt
she had seen him somewhere. Such an eminent face and
proportioned body.


A clenched fist was now loose. She struggled but his strength surpassed over hers. Then remembering a dream...

A dream that once had been hunting her in her childhood and still now, had been aroused from slumber. Somehow her heart instantly wanted to thaw in his eloquent kiss.

Such a kiss..... But... But who is this man???

She hesitantly strangle over him. "Why? Why do
you have to do such a thing?" She wanted to ask.
But swiftly he was out of her front. She looked for him in every corner but he was not in sight... After she took her errands to her grandmother, she silently lounge herself in her soft bed with her mind in the man she unexpectedly met 3 hours ago. Clueless of his name and where he was living. It's as if he never existed, it was like only her dreams came to reality playing her mind foolishly. But how could such an event be an imagination? She could still feel the warmth of his kiss, the gentle touch of his hands in her face and that eyes? How could she believe that those eyes are not real? Mysterious eyes that is so deep as if yearning for something or someone...


CHAPTER 3 "The Flashback"

Darkness crept in each corner as the midnight
air surrounds her room. The silence was
deafening. And then it broke by Shera's shout.

For almost a year now, she had finally dreamt it again:

A man on the top of a cliff as if waiting. The ocean waves splashing. His hair and coat was wet with the rain. As he called her name. "Shera". And then the setting changed into a room of such grandeur, full of marvelous stones of any kind and a fire place that gave warmth all over the room. He then came from outside the door, wearing a white robe that was showing his masculine body. She saw a lady in a balcony looking at the beautiful scene of mountains. Then he gently embraced her and caressed the curve of her soft neck. She wanted to see the lady. She wanted to see her face! Who she was! It felt as if she knew her before. The lady's form and stature was so familiar. Then.. Blood oozed in her waist and felt a sharp stabbing pain.

Then she screamed. The blood and the pain made her scream.

She found herself in her room again.
"Just a dream...." she whispered.
Walking close to her terrace in front of her bed, she opened the glass window and then the white velvet curtain floated smoothly. She felt the cold air in her face. The scent of midnight it was. Looking at the full moon she mutter to herself as she wrapped her own arms on her waist.

"Who are you??"......


CHAPTER 4 "The Mansion's Sought Past"

The phone wrung at early morning and broke the chirping of the birds.
"Hello" Shera answered. "Oh my! You're still on your house!" "Shera! Do you realize how late you are??" her close friend sermon her. "Yes! Yes! I'll be right there ok?" Just a minute more."

She reached the bus stop in front of her grandmothers closed fruit stand. It was Sunday. Shera and her friends decided to have some vacation on a hilltop resort mansion co-owned by a very wealthy man, a communist in his time. It was her first time there so she felt excited. The place was very much magnificent and elegant. Especially the view of the ocean on top of the hill were the mansion stood. But the excitement she felt for the place was more than what she ever imagined. It was another excitement, and her heart understood it. She doesn't know what was in store for her in that place, she just knew something will happen. Something she didn't expect in her normal life.


They enjoyed the sunny beach that afternoon.
The co-owner's maids and the manager of the
resort himself was so hospitable to the group.
"We wanted your stay to be memorable here."
The manager said with a smile. At evening,
they ate dinner with candles shining the silver
plates in the table. The group wasn't alone.
There were also other visitors in the resort mansion
also enjoying every moment of their stay in there.
But one of Shera's friends Anice was a close relative of the manager so they were treated special among the other visitors. They were placed in each room facing the beautiful scene of the ocean.

"Goodnight ladies." The manager herself greeted them.
"So what do ya' think of the place ha? Shera? Anice asked in a proud voice.
"Well, the place is so beautiful I'd like to live in it." hehe. Just a joke!" Shera giggled.


CHAPTER 5 "Voice from the Dark"

The full moons rays touched the window of
Shera's room that mid evening. Feeling so
exhausted of the trip, she decided to let herself
calmed by the scene of waves splashing in the big stones. She leaned in the stone porch just connected to her terrace. She felt the soft breeze touch her supple rosy cheek.

"Hmm..." "So good..." She whispered softly enjoying the breeze. She lift her hand to touch her face but suddenly she was wordless when she saw blood in her arms. Then suddenly as if she heard a soft calling of her name. "Shera....."

In an instant she moved her head to follow where
the voice came from. She had forgotten about the
blood in her hands and centered her attention on the
mysterious voice she heard. Then her eyes was fixed
then by a cliff not far away from the resort mansion.
"A cliff?" She asked herself. Somehow she felt there
was something familiar about the cliff.
"Yes! it is it!" The cliff in my dream!"

Knowing about it, she ran relentlessly towards the
cliff and when she got there she suddenly got down
on her knees. And shouted. "No......!!!" A flashback of images came to her mind. It wasn't a dream anymore. It tormented her deeply. She saw again the pictures that was in her dream last night. The man embracing the lady. Now she had seen the ladies face. But...... To her astonishment. It wasn't any lady at all! It was her. It was her who the man wrapped his arms around. It was her who had her waist oozed with blood.

She saw the man's eyes. And it was the same
eyes she saw from the man that she bumped in
to 2 days ago. Those eyes that speak a message
that she cannot decipher. Those eyes that she
almost melt into. A message that echoed within
her heart. A question that he can only answer.

"Who are you!!!!!!" She shouted eloquently.
But there was no answer...


CHAPTER 6 "Bewildered Lady"

"Hey! Shera!" "Are you ok??" Anice asked worried in her friend. "You're not in yourself lately this morning." "Why? What happened huh?" Did you have that dream again?"

"What dream?" Shera asked. "Hey! Will you stop fooling me! The dream
remember? The one that you always told me over and over again since we were 16?"
Shera was about to respond but the manager went towards them.

"Good morning ladies! How was your first night here?" "Oh my! I think one of you here is not in a good mood...." Why, what's the matter Shera? The manager asked.

"Oh, nothing Mam. "I'm fine. I just wasn't able to sleep that much because of my backache."
Oh! Backache!" Anice groaned.
"You know what Shera." The manager replied. "You look very much familiar to me." "Have you been in here a couple of times?
"No Mam. This is my first time here." She corrected. "Why did you ask?
"Can you come with me? Just a minute if I'm not bodering your get together." The manager invited.
"Can we come too?" Anice asked.
"You can. If Shera would come too."
"Oh! Yes Mam. I'd like to." Shera nodded with a little smile.

They walk up in a long winding stair towards a dark hallway into a chamber. The manager switch on the electric incandescent to light the room full of old unused things of the mansion
"I didn't know there is a part of the mansion like this?" Anice said.
"Here, come with me Shera. I hope you would not be surprised to see this." The manager told her.
"See what?" Shera was in uncertainty.

The manager pulled down a piece of cloth revealing a painting. Her eyes was amazed by what she saw. And her friends too was surprised to see, a painting of a lady that looks like Shera. The face, the eyes and the posture of her body was all the same.
"Shera." Are you telling me this is your first time here in the resort mansion?" Then why is your face in that painting?" One of her friends asked in doubt. "I'm telling the truth. This is my first time in here and I didn't pose for any painting session!" She declined.


CHAPTER 7 "The Mansion's Heart Of Ice"

It was trully amazing for them to find out about the painting of a lady that really looks like Shera. Much more to Shera herself. How her face could be painted in an old canvas like that! The manager told them the history of the mansion. It wasn't a resort in the past at all. It came
from a very wealthy family who had an only son. When
his parents died he was the sole heir of their wealth. He
was rude and conceited. He doesn't care about other
people and doesn't mind to help those in need. Until there
was such a time an unknown lady came to the mansion
and changed him and his ghastly demeanor. No body knew who the lady was. Not even a slightest expectation that the girl could make him a different man. It wasn't obvious to him, till he found out he was in love with the girl. But with no apparent reason, she disappeared and never was a trace of her in the mansion. One thing the dwellers of the mansion noticed was blood in the floor near the balcony of a certain room.

"You want to know where room it is?" The manager
asked. Shera was anxious to hear the next words the
manager will say. Excited and a bit afraid. Afraid
of the unknown. Afraid of what lies ahead to the
managers words.

"It is Shera's room." The manager spoke while looking at Shera.

She was surprised. She didn't know what to do or say. Her friends started teasing her in trembling voices saying there is a ghost in her room. But... Shera didn't hear their voices, instead the only thing that was in her head was the flashback of the mysterious voice she heard last night and the blood that was stained in her hands. Confused by the event and annoyed by the voices of her friends she quickly rushed away from her friends and into her own room. She didn't mind what the manager said a while ago. "Why should I care? Why should I be afraid?" She thought irritant to herself. And felt a jolt of pain inside her heart.


Tears fall in her eyes that evening. She didn't want to go out of her room. Her friends kept knocking at the door and calling loudly her name. They were worried about her and at the same time asking for apology for the irritation they caused her.

"I'm fine..." Shera said as she wiped her tears away using her white blanket.
"Can you open the door Shera?" "We are worried of you." Anice cried out to hear her loud voice from outside Shera's door.

"Don't ya worry." I'm ok!" I just wanted to rest. I'm a bit exhausted still from our trip. Can we just talk tomorrow, alright?" Shera pleaded. She doesn't want to be bothered or see anyone at all. All she wanted to do is to lie down and rest in her bed. Her tears are all dried out now.


CHAPTER 8 ""Unresisting Temptations"

The next morning, Shera wants to refresh her sulked
eyes before she would go outside so instead of going to
the beach or in the pool to bath, she instead took a
shower in her room. The warm water run down her
naked body, gently caressing her soft skin as the mist
of water went out of the window sill. Suddenly she
started feeling a little awkward like somebody is
watching her inside. There was a feeling of hands
touching her waist. From a moment she was in ecstasy.
Then a memory came out in her mind. A certain passion
shared that was so proverbial to her.

She closed her eyes and felt every stroke of hand in her body. Every contact was an alluring invite. An invitation she cannot hesitate. She was almost in estrangement that time, then flashes of memories came to her mind.
She was in a state of illusion. She wanted to scramble away from the bathroom but the feeling of soft hands kept her from running. Her nakedness was revealing. Her body wet and her hair covered her pink breasts. It was a bitter sweet moment she couldn’t handle. Then all of a sudden it stopped. The feeling of passion was gone. Her masked tears streamed down adjoining the water from the shower. Such ecstasy but such agony.

Midnight it was but still she wasn't able to sleep.
She kept thinking of the painting on the attic they
saw last afternoon. Then she took a candle and went up
to the stairs and walk in the dark hallway again. The room
was locked. "How will I be able to step inside now?"
She murmured in disappointment. But as she
turned her back, the door of the attic opened.
She was confused how it opened when there
was no key. The hairs of her skin raised in
fright. But she was so determined to see the
painting again, so amidst the uneasiness she
walked into the candle lighted chamber.
There she saw the painting again. She looked
at it closely more. Then her eyes begin to cry.

"Why? Why do I feel this way?" She asked herself.


Hands slipped in her waist as she wipe her tears. She was surprised to feel a warm embrace in her back. She was caressed by lips that warm her body. She couldn't move. All she did was to lavish the intense feeling she felt there and then. Her hands was traced by the hands that belong to the person that was in her back.

She started wondering who this person was. Curious, she instantly turn to her back, but instead she slipped and fell down in the floor.


Mysterious eyes that met hers. Fingers that
locked the interspaces of her fingers. A warm
body that rested hers as they both lay in the
floor. Lips that kissed her own in a languid
motion. Those were what happened after she
slipped. Such passionate kiss... It made her
heart pound so fast...........

She felt his warm breath in his mouth. His kiss was so familiar. So familiar she can't even stop it. It was not long until she realized the familiar kiss they both shared. It was the same as the stolen kiss she felt with the man who she bumped in the alley. Same motion, same tenderness, same warmth... She just closed her eyes then and felt the moment she never expected to happen. His arms was now wrapped up in her waist. His weight was over her.

"At last..." "I have found you..." The mysterious man said when he parted her lips.

Coming back in her senses she rapidly pushed his body away from hers.
"Why did you kiss me?!" She asked out loud with a trembling voice.

"Who are you?!" She wanted to run away but something held her and made her stay. Deep inside her heart, there was an outburst of mixed emotions that confused her. Happiness, sadness, intimacy, confusion, attraction
and love.


CHAPTER 9 "Resurrected Truth"

Love??? How could it be love? "I don't even know him! That's ridiculous!" one side of her blathers.

"I'm sorry Shera. I don't intend to scare you like that." The man in her front said as he stepped closer to her.

She leaned on the elaborated wall just right near the door. She couldn't see his face clearly coz he was shadowed by the color of the night.

"Scare?" "You didn't scare me... "You kissed me?!"
"Why did you do that!!!!" She shouted with resentment.

"How could you do such thing.....!"

Then her tears fell from her eyes. She wanted to
falter. She wanted to cry out loud and slap his face
for doing such insolence. But she can't. She just
stood there as her tears continued to fall in the floor.

"I'm sorry...." Shera.......

His voice was meek.

"I'm so sorry...." Please...... Don't cry.... I don't want
to see you cry again.... Not this time.....
Not this moment.... Now that I've found you."
He apologized as he took a step into the light.

His face was shown by the light now. She can see his face clearly.

"You......" You're the man who I bumped into last time!" Her eyes brightened.

"And I am the same man that is inside your dream..." Shera." He added.
"I know you have dreamt about me." I want you to." "Coz that would be the only way you can remember me and how we were in the past."
He reciprocated.

She was bewildered. He stepped more closer to her now
and tenderly he brushed his hands on her eyes were the
tears are.

"Shera...." "Do you remember?"

His voice went reverberating in her head. Every word. Every time he utters her name is an image that flashes back in her mind. Images not in her dreams anymore but the past that she had forgotten. Buried deep in her heart.... It yawned to be free. It hoped to be released from internment .

"His voice. His touch. His eyes. His kiss...
Everything of him!" She thought. Is this a dream????
"Coz if it is, I would like to wake up!"
This feeling.... Its tormenting me!" No stop!
Stop it please! STOP......!!!!!

CHAPTER 10 "Unfolded Events"

Then the images suddenly vanished. There
was silence. She closed her wet eyes and
opened it back again.

She saw herself in an open hall. It was full of marbles and precious stones everywhere! There were red roses at every corner. She looked up and there was a great diamond chandelier in the ceiling. Then she heard music.
A very mellow sound. By the time she turned her head to where
the music might be, the open hall was now full of people, men
and women wearing beautiful night gowns and tuxedos.

"Where am I?" She asked herself.

She saw herself wearing a stunning white sequenced gown.
Its as if she is apart of the great ball that is happening in
her front. She examined the place thinking it is only a dream.
That she was hallucinating. But the feeling was real.
The sound, the laughter of the people surrounding her, the
light of the diamond chandelier, everything! All seemed real.

But then when she got to pass in a balcony outside
the hall. She heard someone whisper.



A jolt of electricity radiated into her body as she heard a

"What was it again??? I've got to remember!"
She thought eagerly to herself.

"Ruen...." Yes... Ruen....

Then suddenly another setting came and she
saw herself in another room. It was like a master's
room full of antique figurines. In the fire place,
there was a man sitting. He was older than Shera
as it shows in the face. He was the son of the right
hand keeper of the mansion. A Duke himself like
his father. He is Corin. He has grown to be a
man now. With masculine body and vigorous
persona. He has taken the place of his father's
reputation in the mansion. Capable of love and
intimacy he has fallen for the unknown lady
who indefinitely came into the mansion. This unknown lady was Shera herself. Who was captured by glances of the only heir of the mansion. And who was this sole heir? Yes. It is Ruen.


CHAPER 11 "Hungry Heart of a Lover"

Corin was sitting near the fire place writing a letter for Shera. It was a letter of attraction for her. That time Ruen and Shera wasn't close. Not yet. And it was he who was the one who fell in love with her first. Not Ruen. With all himself he poured out his time for her. Every morning he glance at her in the balcony. Everywhere she goes he was hiding a mile from her and watch her careful moves. Thinking his love would be reciprocated but she didn't.

It wasn't long 'till Ruen and Shera had an affair and was in love with each other. Devastated of what he found out. He went directly inside the room of Shera were she was sleeping. It was about 10 in the evening. He banged the door and came rushing in towards Shera's bed.

"Why are you doing this to me Shera???! He furiously cried out in anger.
She was startled by his loud uncontrollable voice.

"What's happening to you Corin!" Will you please pull yourself together?" She hastily got out of bed but suddenly he caught a grasp in her left arm and pulled it strongly making her lay back in bed.

"Let me go!!!" Please Corin, let me go....!
She struggled in his arms. But he was
strong, he over-powered her.

"I've been madly in love with you. I need
you Shera. I want you." Please give me
a chance to show my love for you."

He then insatiably caressed her neck and hungrily kissed her lips. Her silhouette night gown was uncovering the open wide lean long legs of Shera. Then he tore out her gown revealing a semi-exposed breast. She was defenseless. So vulnerable of what he might do to her in the next minutes with both of them lying alone in bed. Her tears fell.
Her emotions were strong. She want to cry out.
She want to shout her lover's name. She want to
shout Ruen's name. "Help Ruen." Please come
and save me from this perilous moment." That
was in her mind that time. All her supplications
she bundled it all up. Her agony of every kiss
that Corin had bestowed on her.
Every touch of his hand in her body. With
one strident voice she called out his name.



CHAPTER 12 "A Face of the Past"

She was tortured in every scene she saw. There
was agony in her heart. She asked herself. "Is this real???"
Like she was watching a soap opera scene of a
lady, fragile and innocent, abused by the man she don't love.

Standing in the door as she watched every scene in her memory. A cold feeling went pass her and suddenly coming out to where she was standing was Ruen coming down rapidly towards the bed. She was speechless when she saw Ruen. "Yes, him." Her love. The man in her dreams.

"Stoppp!!!" he bellowed in anger.

Shera heard his voice. It's as if a new strength came rushing in her body. She pulled away Corin's body away from hers. She struggled to set free.

"Ruen!!!!" She shouted without doubt.

But then as swiftly as the lion ready to kill its prey, Corin pulled out his sword on his side and pointed it out in Ruen's face before he could come closer to where they were. The long metal of the sword went reflecting on the light of the chandelier that time.

"NOOOOO!" Shera cried out in fear.
"Please Corin. Please don't kill him." She pleaded as she held on to his knees.

Corin was kneeling in the bed, while Shera was under him. His hands stretched out holding his sword he then said.

"Step back Ruen." "Away from here."


CHAPTER 13 "A Hazardous Trap"

Ruen saw the situation Shera was into. Seeing her
body exposed. He wanted to kill Corin right then
and there for the exploitation and unholy thing
Corin had done to her. But looking at Shera's face,
full of emotions, it tore his heart apart.

"A lady who doesn't like violence and killing. My
dear love who is worried for my sake." "For you."

He then stepped back and went out of the balcony.

Corin's eyes where insensitive. He wanted Shera for himself. He then stepped out into the balcony also. Like molten lava they are searing in resentment. Loathing each other and ready for what might be. Shera stood behind Corin's back looking at Ruen worried and afraid for his safety.

The weather became bad and it started to rain.
Ruen's body was wet now.

"You're like a sitting duck Ruen." "You're defenseless
against me, you don't have any sword at all to
fight against me." I pity you."

"I don't need your pity Corin. It is you who is more pitiful." Taking advantage of a lady like that. You know she doesn't love you. Why do you have to force yourself into her. You have no respect for her at all. Is that what you call love???" Ruen conversed.

"No. Its you... You are the reason for all of this mess!!!" "You are the reason why she wont be with me!" Your talking about love earlier. "Why? Do you know what love is? You cant even love yourself, how much more for Shera? "You don't love her. You just want to use her for your foolishness. "You can never change Ruen. You are still the same man you are. Apathetic, self-absorbed, aloof man you will always be. "No body likes you!" Everybody hates you!"

Corin's words went lingering in Ruen's head.
Yes! That was what he is. But..... it was all in
the past. Selfish and cruel he was until the time
came. Shera and Ruen met. She changed him.
She gave him something he didn't expected someone
would. And it was her love. Her love made him a better man he is today.

"No Corin your wrong!" He is not what you think he is." Shera answered. "He may have been that way in his past but its all in the past now. What's important is the present and what lies in the future."

"You are more cruel than him!" Shera explained as she immediately ran towards Ruen but Corin caught her again and this time he held her tightly in her arms.

"You are not going away from me again Shera." Why don't you understand. I love you so much. I can give you more love than he is giving you!"

"Don't you dare put another kiss in her lips or touch her face." Ruen demanded urgently.

"You cant do anything Ruen coz your defenseless." Look at her body. So fresh and goddess like. Look at her lips so sumptuous. Her skin so smooth. Untouched and immaculate she is.

"YOU CAN NECER HAVE HER!!!!" With an unexpected move Corin in a direct motion swayed his sword towards Ruen in an intent to end his life.

"You will not be the one who will hinder me!!" DIE!!!!!"


CHAPTER 14 "A Tears Location"

Shera's arms were at loose in his grip. Her
eyes bulged seeing the condition Ruen was
that time. Without hesitation, she scampered
into Corin trying to stop him from causing
such desolation. Upon seeing Shera, he then
knew what she would do and saw what
might happen then if he wouldn't stop her.
But it was too late. Bare footed she
reached first in the spot of where
Ruen was standing. She embraced
him tightly and then she said these words.
Words that broke Ruen's heart.

"Till time is still I want to treasure the moment we had together Ruen." My love." "Find me in your dreams……….."

Blood oozed in her waist as she fell in the floor of the
balcony. Then thunder stroke at one of the pine trees.
Corin was amazed of what he had done. She shouldn't
die. She is not the one he wants to kill.

"Why did you kill her!!!" Ruen shouted in agony.

"Why did you kill Shera!" You have no right to
do such thing!"

His eyes were ablaze! Full of hatred. Full of
anger and rage. Corin was amazed himself.
He didn't mean to hurt her. He didn't mean to kill
her. But.... In the other hand it was worth it.

"If I can't own her, then nobody will...." He said in affliction.

Ruen was hysterical. He went out of himself.
He took out the sword that was buried in
Shera's body. Limp and cold she lay in the
floor of the balcony. Her eyes closed now
and at last she has lost her precious life.
Corin just stood there frozen and astounded
by what he saw.

"You should have killed me....!
Now your soul will go to hell!!!!!!

Ruen shouted and without doubt he abruptly
thrust Corin's sword onto his self.


CHAPTER 15 ""The Agony of the Memories"

He knew he couldn't put things back the way it
used to be. He embraced her body with all his
heart. It agonize him to feel a cold, lifeless body
in his arms. She's gone and never to live again.

Everything she is, is his world. His life…
Now, how can he live his life if the girl he
loved is gone? How will he be able to tell
her how much he loved her. How will he be
able to savor her touch and kiss.

Remembering the words she whispered in his ear
before she died.

"Till time is still, I want to treasure the moment we had
together Ruen." My love." "Find me in your dreams."

"Are my dreams enough to be with her?" "Will I share her love only in my dreams?" "Shera!!! My dreams are not enough to be with you!!!!" With an agonizing voice he shouted.



Near the open glass door of the balcony, Shera
herself stood. She couldn't bare to watch such dire
event that had unfolded. Her tears went on pouring down.

"Now I know why." Shera thought sadly to herself.
"Ruen....." she couldn't stop crying.

Why???? How could I forget???" Shera questioned herself in deep sadness. "How could I?"

Unknowingly, it was her own heart that made her forget. Wounded so much by the past. She was afraid that it might happen if she would love again. Afraid to loose him again.

She reached out her hand. She wanted to touch Ruen. She wanted to console him. But suddenly everything disappeared. The balcony, the blood, the rain. The pictures in her head evaporated like water. Then she saw a clear face in front of her. It was Ruen. She was in reality now.


CHAPTER 16 "My Immortal"

She was enlightened by the events that she saw. It wasn't a dream. It trully happened. In her past. That was the reason why she just couldn't resist herself to think of him. The mysterious man she knows was the man she loved dearly. Every memory that had unfolded was the answer why Shera dreams of him.

She found herself in her own bed that morning when she opened her eyes.
"How did I get in here?" The last thing she remembered was that she was in the attic.

Then her eyes caught a glimpse in the glass window. A man standing outside the balcony.

"Her heart pounded so abruptly then. She knew who this person is.

"Ruen.....??" She quickly got up out in bed and ran outside the balcony.
"Ruen!!!" She shouted. She opened the glass door out to the balcony but to her dismay there was no one in there.


Her friends saw the eyes of Shera still in tears as they left the mansion that afternoon. Anice was worried in her friend.

"Shera.. I'm so sorry you didn't enjoy it in here." "I shouldn't have invited you to come here in the first place." "I really don't know the reason why you are crying but it make me sad to see you like that."

"No.... Its ok Anice. Its not your fault. "I do enjoy it being in here but it's just that there are things that are not expected to happen." Shera said while looking at the mansion for the last time.

"Ruen......." she whispered in her mind.


CHAPTER 17 "Night of Separation"

Rain drops fell in her room that night. She knew she cant be in herself again. Those normal days of how she was. The running on errands to her grandmother's place. The get together with her friends. The pressures of being in school.

But is it the right days to remember? Or the days when she and Ruen were together.

"How could it end this way!" "Ruen...! How could you do such a thing!" You let me remember my past! Of what we were together! And now your gone just like that!" She shouted to herself in her room.

She wanted to ask those questions to him. But how? Somehow she thought everything was all made up. That everything was a dream, an illusion playing in her mind because of tiredness. But everything felt so real! Especially his touch and his kiss.

She went to the dark alley across the street of her house where she first encountered Ruen hoping he would show up or she could find just a single clue to his existence. But there was none. Just the same old dark alley she knew. The next night. She hoped to dream him and her past but still nothing unfolded. All was empty. There was nothing more left but to move on with her same old normal life.

She decided to take another vacation in the summer house of her family. It was an island vacation house that she had to ride a small vessel just to get there.

"This vacation will make me forget him. I know I will……." Shera whispered to herself.

But instead of forgetting the past. The vacation made her want for Ruen more because something in the sea that made her remember him.

There was a storm coming. The boatman knew about it but she was so eager to go to the island. The waves splashed so furiously but it didn’t bother her that much. The boat docked ashore. She stepped down and hastily went up to the stairs towards her family's summer house. Her feet were out of the sand now and her clothes were all wet because of the heavy rain. She saw the whole of the ocean when she went up the stony edge of the summer house. Her clothes were still wet with the rain but she wasn't bothered. The feeling of coldness in her body made her whimper in search of warmth. The wind was so violent making the waves very disturbed. And then from a distant shore, she saw someone, a man wearing a white shirt. This man was walking towards the house while the waves splashed aggressively wetting his trousers and shirt.
She couldn't keep her eyes off him. From a moment she was in a daze. She then quickly run down in the stairs towards the sand to make a clear view of the man she saw. She was afraid, doubtful if she will come near him. She didn't even know this man. Why would she bother to come close to him?
But inside of her she felt she knew this man. It's like her heart yearned to get close to him. She just stood there in the sand waiting…… Waiting…. Looking at the vague atmosphere. Lightning stroke in mid air accompanied by thunder. She was afraid but her willpower kept her from hiding. She was cynical.

"What am I doing in here? I don't have anything to do with that man? So why should I be here?" Shera asked herself cynically.

Her heart then pounded. .. There was a feeling of excitement. But she did not know what it is. The dark clouds covered the whole sky concealing the light
of the sun. Then from her front she saw an outline of
a man's body.

"Could it be? Is this the man I saw from a distant?"
She was bewildered.

"He seems familiar…."

Then her eyes bulged. She was astounded by what she saw. Revealing in her front, the eyes of the man. His masculine body. His whole self.



CHAPTER 18 "Unspeakable Heart"

Her tears fell but it was masked by the rain. She
wanted to pour out all her emotions directly to him. She wanted to shout and tell him how lost she was after everything that had unfolded in the mansion, after knowing about her past and what they were. She wanted to touch him and feel his warm body.

She wanted to embrace him!!!........ But she just stood there with a low cry in her voice… Now that Ruen's here what will she do? What is she going to tell him first? How will she express what she feels to him when she now remembers everything!!! How…………

Ruen's eyes were looking directly at her. It was
very striking and deep. There was flame in his eyes.
Her heart was overwhelmed with his presence.

There was silence. The pouring of the rain and the splashing waves was the only sound that was heard. She was speechless, uneasy of his presence. Her face blushed as Ruen looked so intensely in her. She couldn't meet his eyes. As if it was her first time being with him. She was doubtful of what words to say.

"What now…….?" She asked herself in thought of him.

She wanted to be held by his arms. She wanted for him to come close to her, to make her body warm. She wanted for him to kiss her again just like the way he kissed her when they first met in the alley and in the mansion. She wanted to remember his kiss, of what it feels just like in the past. She wanted her body to be warmed by his masculine body from such a cold feeling of the rain.

"I…" She broke the silence between them both but she was hesitant. Timid to say another word. Stopped by the deep look that Ruen have in his eyes. He was also standing in Shera's front. Looking at her so intensely. He wanted her to say a word. But he saw her frail to say any word.


CHAPTER 19 "Yearning Emotion"

He then smiled a little and as Shera's head faced down the sand. He raised his right arm and cupped her chin in his palm. His left arm stretched out and held her waist. With a languid motion he gave her the kiss she wanted. Shera was surprised but was happy. Their bodies were close now. His chest to her breasts. Her face to his. Her hands to his back. His to her head. She gave back his kisses. Back when they were at the alley and in the mansion, when he kissed her, she never did reciprocate his kisses. But now she did and it was her hearts yearning. She couldn't escape from his passionate kiss that she was almost out of air.

"Will you forget everything Shera? Me?" Ruen asked her in a low voice while clearing her face from her wet hair.

"You did found me in my dreams." She answered while
declining her head saying no.

She felt comfortable now. No shyness. No hesitation.
Her heart was in ecstasy. Overwhelmed by every touch and kiss that Ruen gave to her. Caressing her neck, he lay her gently in the sofa near the fireplace of Shera's summer house and slowly took the wet clothes out in Shera's body.

"Ruen…." "Make me feel the feeling I've always yearned for so long." Shera demanded.

Ruen traced all the curves of Shera's
body. Remembering it of what it was
in the past. Every stroke of his hands.
Every kiss. She responded with a
contented low moan.

Both of them were in a bliss. Such
pleasure was in them both. To be
with each other was their longing.
It was the most joyful moment that
happened. Now that Shera has
remembered everything. And now that they were together, all that was left was to lavish each other's emotion. The moment of deep desire and want.

Never again… Never again will I loose you. He sensitively said to her as he swooned himself to sleep next to Shera's feeble body.



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