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Local Girl Dies Tragically Of An Unknown Death

A Love To Last A Lifetime...
And Hurt To Endure For Eternity.

This is the story of my first and only love.

I'm only 19, still a teen, barely a woman, but i have experienced love to last an entire lifetime. People say that people who are not yet adults, can't be in love, but they are wrong because anyone, no matter the age, can be in love...and can be heartbroken too.

It all started when i was in kindergarten. I had grew up with lots of friends and one of my best friends was Jordan. He was the funniest out of all my friends, so of course i had to hang out with him. It was my 6th birthday party, and we were playing on the playground. Somehow i had tripped, but fortunately, he caught me in time. I thanked him by kissing him. It didn't mean much back then, but that was the start of an ongoing romance.

We grew apart after that, our families lost touch, and we didn't end up meeting again until 9th grade, my freshman year of high school. Fate. It had to be fate and destiny, which brought us back together. I saw him once more when i started going to my new high school. I didn't even recognise him. We met up by accident. He was in my gym class and he accidentally threw the basketball in my face. I fell on the ground, and i felt the arms of a 14-year-old, skinny, tall boy, help me up.

We locked eyes, and at once, we both recognised who each other were. We embraced, and i never had such a feeling of completeness. From then on, we continued where we left off. We fell in love. Is there anyway of describing love? He was my first everything. First kiss, first boyfriend, first love. And i knew, even when i was a little girl, i knew that, that boy..that skinny little boy who made so many people laugh, would be my soulmate forever.

4 Years went by. The happiest years of my life. We talked, we laughed, we played, we grew together. I should have known that, the happiness i felt couldn't last forever.

One day, me and Jordan were at the park, holding each other, gazing at the stars, and i felt him shaking and trembling. i asked him, "Honey..what is wrong? Are you okay?" He nodded and said he was fine. A couple hours later..he started shaking violently. His eyes rolled back into his head, and it seemed like he lost all control of his body.

I rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. The doctors said that he was slowly but surely dying of a tumor in his brain, which was growing so rapidly that he would only have a couple hours or minutes left to live. I went into his hospital room and he called me in. Jordan looked so sad as he gently held me for the last minutes of his life and then he handed over a beat-down, old journal. He told me he loved me and that he would always love me until the end of time...and then he died.

HE DIED. in my arms, and i will never forget the love and pain and sorrow i was all going through at once. I will never forget u hear me Jordan? I Will Never Forget You and I Will Never Stop Loving You.

And here i am...a year later, standing by his grave...reading his story to you all.

"Dear Journal:
It is September 8th, 1994 and i kissed the prettiest girl in the world today. I know i am only 6, but i'm gonna marry her someday.

Dear Journal:
It is September 8th, 1999. Today is the worst day of my life. Doctors found cancer in my brain. I hope no one finds out. They might joke on me.

Dear Journal:
It is September 8th, 2002, and today, you'd never guess who i saw again...the girl i said i was going to marry when i was 6! she's more beautiful than i remember. I hope she likes me, cuz i know i like her.

Dear Journal:
It is September 8th, 2006, and today im finally going to ask her to marry me! i love her so much, she is my world."

It was September 8 the day of our last picnic at the park together. It was September 8 the day he died. It was September 8 when he slipped outside of my world.

And It is September 8 when i'm going to meet him once again.

Headline: Local Girl Dies Tragically Of An Unknown Death.
September 8, 2007.


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