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I will meet the love of my life.

I fell in love a little more than a year ago to this amazing woman. We met at a seminar and she came to me out of the blue to give me a compliment. I didn't think anything of it until the next week when we had our next seminar. Me, her, and another woman went out for drinks afterwards and we all hit it off. The three of us were at her place and it ended up becoming an all nighter. I could actually feel the energy between us and it was electric. It was like the other woman ceased to exist. It felt like I got hit by a lightning bolt. I then told myself that I met the woman I'm going to marry. I peered deep into this woman's soul and fell in love that very moment. We ended up hanging out a few times but I satobaged it by playing games. I had never experienced the act of falling in love before so I didn't know what this experience was. I chalked it up to loneliness. We talked on and off for several months. We spoke after Valentine's Day and she told me she was getting married. I collapsed on the ground when she told me. It felt like I got hit by a semi, I was crushed. I was at work one day afterwards and finally got honest with myself. I realized that I was in love with this woman and I was going to fight for her. I knew she was settling because he was a safe bet, she had been burned before and it wasn't going to happen again. I told her everything and she was utterly shocked. She had no clue how deeply I felt for her. She then said that her heart wasn't available and there was no room for me. I tried calling her again and a man answered saying that his "wife" wasn't home. I cried so many tears over this woman and I did a really good job of hiding my grief. I'm writing this because if you feel so strongly about something or someone, don't let anything stop you!! This was my first experience of being in love. I know now that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. God has a plan for me and He has his own timeline. I will meet the love of my life. This was merely just a learning experience, as is all of life.


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