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Getting Married at 18

I've met the most wonderful person in the whole entire world! My fiance! We met in a drama class in grade 9 and I immediately fell in love with his personality and his really charming sense of humour. And of course his eyes. We only talked in grade 9, and i was so sure he didn't like me that he thought i was just this kiddy fool.

In grade 10, I was talking to one of his friends and he found out and he immediately told me that he likes me and of course i was floored. A few days later we skipped school together and this was the first time I was skipping so I was really scared. It was pouring and we had to huddle under a part of the school building to keep dry. That was an utter failure but none the less we cuddled and we hugged a lot. He's a real tall guy he stands at 6'4" when im just 5'3" and that was kinda akward at first but we quickly got use to it. We were standing there for a bit when i looked up at him and found that he was looking down at me and we kissed. This was the first time that I was kissing someone so it was completely new for me. It was the most exhilarating thing i've ever experienced. The rain was dripping down our faces and running into our mouths while we kissed. It doesn't sound very romantic but it was.

We were official after that day. And ever since then we've been going out. It's been almost 3 years and it's been the most trying three years ive ever had. There were times when I wanted to walk away because it was simply too much but we made it through. And i can't imagine loving anyone else half as much as I love my boo. And just like i knew on that first 'date', i now know that im gonna love him forever. This is the kinda love that wont change, it's unconditional, it's real, and i just thank God that ive found someone so special to me.

Someone who could make me feel the way i do. Someone who could show me unconditional love through thick and thin and who's still around me. He see's my good and my bad. It's amazing. and i think this is something that no matter how old or how young u are, this is just a lesson to show that u're never too young or too old to feel this way. i know im only 18, but i am getting married. and there is no second guessing, it's just like a natural step for me to take. and i can't wait to embark on this journey of love.


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