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after 5 years I still am in love with her

I was young and foolish, I had got all yes's to every girl i had ever asked out...well then came this girl. She was a little different right off. I got to know her a little bit not enough though now i think back, but I went ahead and asked her out about a half a year of school. She turned me down of corse. I was devastated and I tried to prove i was good enough, but she only got aggravated with me until I eventually gave up. We became friends and I moved on until about 2 years later. I started to notice her a little more that each day went by and soon I was in a deep crush. Well I am a very shy guy and I eventually got the courage to ask her out again. This time I caught her on a very bad day and she gave me a couple names and left me with a open mouth. Conflicts continued for about 3 weeks until one day she came to me and apologized for jumping down my throat. We have became friends again, but since i have went to a high school we dont talk as much and it gets harder and harder every time I see her. I will never have the courage to tell her again that after 5 years I still am in love with her.


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