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the sky was all fiery red, violet and yellow

i was with my friends at this place we like to go to to hang out and ... my ex was there. actually, he had broken up with me like ... 8 months ago, and during those 8 months , he was al i thought about...
so i was with my friend and we were at the top of this tall tall building, at night (a summer night). the sky was all fiery red, violet and yellow. i got closer to the edge of the building to get a closer look. it was beautiful. so there i was, in the most romantic spot ever and suddenly, i heard a voice. it was my ex. he came up to me and asked me if i thought that it would be possible for us to try again. my tung was tyed and i had no idea what to say. so i just said "i don't know" and asked him what he thought. so he turned around and walked away. but than, suddenly, i felt a body, pressing against mine. i turden around and there he was, kissing me on the neck, his hands gently caressing my body. he looked at me and then, we kissed!


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