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We've been best friends since we met in english. He sat next to me, and needed help spelling a lot of words for this english assignment (we had to make up our own 'Utopia', aka, our own lil world). I got irritated at him a lot, but after we started talking, and he said bad things about two people I had HUGE grudges against, and I was like 'wow you're cool'. He was also in my homeroom, connections, math, drama, and gym class (well, not my gym CLASS, more like my gym HOUR). We became really good friends.

One morning, in February, he walked into homeroom, and (I was on my laptop at the time, looking at my email) I glanced over at him, and my first thought was 'Dang, he looks hot'. I didn't think much of it at first, in fact, I was about to tell him myself (because we're FRIENDS, and he should probably know that his sex appeal had gone up a few points), but something stopped me. The next day, I thought the same thing about him, and I was like 'Whoa...he's still hot...' and thats when I realized that I had a crush on him. I told my brother this, and he was like 'Yeah I know' and I was like 'What???' and he said 'Yeah, just, the way you talk about obvious'.

The next week, I had told ALL of my friends (except for one because he had been known for telling people when others have a crush on them, so nobody trusted him), and they were all SHOCKED and APALLED. One day, at lunch, we were all talkin about how I like him, except we didnt use his name, because the non-trustworthy friend was trying to find out who I liked, and GUESS WHO WALKED UP TO US WHILE WE WERE TALKING? The dude I had a crush on, duh. Well, he was just standing behind two of my girlfriends, and he said 'Hey whatcha talkin about?' And we all burst out laughing, which freaked him out, but he sat with us anyway.

BUT, the non-trustworthy friend (I guess that's his name now, since I don't think I can give out personal info) figured it out, and an wicked smile took over his face. A couple minutes later, I saw my crush and my evil friend talking, and then my friend saw me, smiled an EVIL smile, and ran away, so I knew he told my crush my secret (which wasn't much of a secret anymore), and all I could think was 'I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna kill him, and then I'm gonna cry...' But then my crush walked up to me and said ', I was just told that you had a crush on me...' He said it in a way that sounded like he didn't wanna believe it, but he kinda did, but that didn't matter to me, because the moment he said 'hey', I felt better. His voice is amazing. It's like...God decided to allow him to have His voice, and I'm the only one who can hear the perfection, and sweetness, and greatness when he speaks. Which is pretty awesome.

But, anyway, back to the story. 'No, I do not like as more than a offense', I said, lookin into his eyes, hoping it would look convincing. Apparently it did, because he laughed, and said 'Ok, no problem, that'd be weird it you did...'

Afterwards, I don't think I really liked him as more than a friend, because I told myself that he wasn't worth it (and somehow, I made myself believe it). But in math one afternoon, he was going through this phase where he thought he was psychic. I loved asking him questions about my future because his answers were always entertaining, because I'd either be happy with 'em, or pissed, but if I was pissed, I would hit him. But something he said didnt piss me off, but it didnt make me happy either. He said 'You'll dump a lot of guys, but you'll never ask one out'. I couldnt believe he said that, so I was like 'Fine. Will you go out with me?' He knew I was being sarcastic, so he said 'Yes' with a really weird look on his face. I glared at him, so then he said 'Ok, no, I was kiddin'. But after he said that, my stomach felt really weird, and I realized that I still liked him.

Over the summer I started to like him a LOT more, though I figured it was because I hadn't seen him in a while, but I talked to him alot. I kept tellin myself that I thought he was better than he actually is, and it was just the idea of him that I loved. But, I saw him on the day we got our school pictures taken, and I couldn't stop shaking. He was MUCH better than I remembered.
I knew I had to tell him, because, someday, he could have feelings for me. Since I knew I would never stop liking him, I figured 'Eh, whatever, I'll tell him'. It had to be somewhere where no one would be able to hear me, somewhere private.

And then, BOM-BOM-BOM-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, the Festival came to church! So I asked him if he wanted to go with me, AND HE DID! So we went on a Saturday evening (around 6:00PM, and he left at 11:00PM). The Zipper (the greatest ride to go on at that place) was the perfect place to tell him I liked him as more than a friend...and more than more than a we went on the ride. And everytime I MIGHT'VE had the guts to tell him, he began talking, and I couldn't help but to feel a TAD bit relieved. The first time we went on the ride, we felt something wet fly on us, and I was like 'DUDE someone spit at us!' And he said 'Um...spit isn't chunky...' And then we both realized...'SOMEONE THREW UP ON US!' It was under my eye, and near my lips, and on his shirt, and I think he got some in his!!!!

But I made him go on, like, 13 times (not all one after another; we went on other stuff and hung out with some friends), and finally, when it was dark, he said 'This is the last time I'm going on the ride' so I thought 'Ok, last chance'. So we got in line, and when we were just about to go in the seat, the guy told us that a lil girl had to sit with us, and I was like 'FINE' and we went on, and I was like 'Ok, lil girl, I don't wanna make you feel awkward, but, um,' and I turned to him, and said 'I have a crush on you, and I've had a crush on you for a very long time...and you look like you're going to be sick so I'll just shut up'.

And he was like 'No, it's just the ride that's makin me sick' and I was like 'Suuuuuuuuuure'. But then when we got out, he threw up, and I was like 'Yeah. I did that. Cool. Not.' For the rest of the night we played on the bumper cars, and talked, and GOD, that was fun. Then he sad.

Finally, though, on the cool summer night after his surprise birthday party (that me and a friend of mine threw for him), we were talking on AIM, and I was trying to get him to tell me who he had a crush on. According to my one friend, I have a way of getting things out of people, and I guess that's true, because I got HIM to say that HE likes ME! I think I actually began to dance when I read that one, simple letter on our IM conversation. 'U'. I called him right after that, and told him that I couldn't wait until the next time we saw each other in person, but I didn't wanna be a wuss and do it online, so I wanted to ask him out over the phone. And he was like 'Cool...ok'. I stood there, pressing the phone up against my ear, breathing frantically for at least a minute before he asked me if I was ok. I simply said 'God I don't think I can do it! And I don't know why!'

So he asked me out.

We have been an official couple for 4 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, and 13 minutes. Aren't you happy for us :)


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