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i prayed to God to send me someone, just to let me meet someone special.

I was never the one out of my sister to have a boyfriend in high school. Guys always went for them. Its not that they thought i was ugly or anything, its just that they thought I wasn't easy. Which I wasn't. Neither were my sisters but they portrayed the image nonetheless. Always flirting, and teasing guys.
Anyways, it was almost christmas 2005 and both of my sisters had someone to spend the holidays with.I was very upset and hurt that i had no one. So on the night of December 17th i just started crying, and right then i prayed to God to send me someone, just to let me meet someone special.
The next day i got up and went to work. After i got off i saw some of my friends from high school( I was working at Walmart)! I went over there to talk to them and noticed this really sexy blonde hair/ ice blue eyes guy that was with them. I couldn't stop staring at him. He was so hot. But as far as i knew he was one of there boyfriends. Well we all got to talking, and my friend Heather asked me
"so do you have a boyfriend?"
Me "no not yet!"
H: "Oh interesting, Hey Travis your single....why don't you two talk."
I just smiled it off thinking he wouldn't be interested. We then all decided to go to Waffle House across the road, and as i started to get in the truck Travis grabbed my hand and helped me in the truck. We got to waffle house and he helped me out. (the truck was real high up so he grabbed my waist and lifted me down):) we went in and had to sit at two different boothes, but a little later my friend Tiffany grabbed me and made me sit in the chair next to him. We started talking, and hit it off instantly. He introduced himself, and i just fell in Love. I never believed in love at first site! I gave him my phone number, and he called me the next day.
On December 23rd he called me at about 12:00 am, and we talked forever. He then started texting me and asked me out. Of course i said yes. The first few months were a little rocky, because we hardly saw each other. We worked two different shifts at our jobs. So by the time he got off work i was getting ready for work. We broke up for a while, but he called me a month later and told me how much he missed me, and wanted to get back together. I went up to where he was living and we talked, and we got back together. We don't count that time apart because it actually brought us closer together. A few days later i told him how i had prayed to the Lord to send me someone the night before we met, and that i thought that he was my answered prayer. He smiled! He told me how he was actually the one who asked Heather to ask if i was single. He said that when he saw me he thought i was very attractive and beautiful and wanted to ask me out, but wasn't sure if i was with someone or not. I couldn't believe that he was actually interested in me when he first saw me. But he says he was. We haven't had any problems since then. He is the sweetest guy i know, and he tells me everyday how beautiful i am and how much he loves me, even if we do get in an argument, it always ends with an I love you, and I'm Sorry. We have now been together almost a year, and are engaged to be married. I can't wait to be Mrs. Travis *****. I could not ask for a more perfect man. I just hope that every girl can find the happiness and love that i feel for Travis.


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