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A Beautiful Love Cut Short

I met him at the mall 6 years ago and he was so great to me and he would tell me how beautiful i was and he made me so happy. One year later when I was was a freshmen in high school when we started to date Feb. 14 1999 he was a senior we went to different schools he was a little older then me but he made me so happy he never lied to me and he was so good to me we hardly ever fight I was so much in love with this man he was the best thing that ever happen to me.

My parents didn't approve of us and we still dated I was with him for three years and my senior year was finally here i had the greatest guy in the world and i was happy then the beginning of senior year he asked me to marry him and i knew that my parents would never approve of it so on our anniversary we went to get married i was 18 at the time

Then in july i graduated and and then everything was going great until that day in September i was a few months pregnant and he was happy that we were going to start having a family that we always talked about and then one night he went for a walk and i was talking on the phone with my friend and there was a knoke at the door and it was the police and i said yes officer and they asked me if i was mrs so and so and i said yes and then they said we just found ur husband and i said what did he do and they said he didn't do nothing and the cop said that we found your husband he is dead and i just droped the phone and cried and cried i was so upset and i couldn't talk to my family because they didn't like my husband.

So all i could do is cry i talked to my friend about it and then i was more upset when i went to the doctors and they said that i lost the baby and i thought that i lost it because all the stress i had and i was depress but now i am trying to move on and i am always thinking about him because i still and i will always love him. I don't think i could ever give someone my heart because he has it with him


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