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Now he even calls me a skank,

Okay, I was friends w/ this girl who had an older sister. Her older sister was going out with this guy who they both introduced me to a long time ago. So I had known him for awhile, and we talked alot. We hung out at like ballgames and talked in school. Well him and his girlfriend started having problems,and they eventually broke up. Well, there was a basketball tournament that week, and we hung out at like every game. I didn't think anything of it but after awhile he told me he liked me. I didn't think he was being serious so I just blew it off. That weekend he invited me to his house to watch the superbowl together. When I got there we sat by each other and eventually he grabbed my hand and had his hands all over me. So I thought he really liked me. He asked me out and I said yes. SO we were going out for like 2 weeks when like none of his friends talked to him anymore. He figured they didnt like him going out w/ someone 3 grades younger than him so he broke up with me. I was so heartbroken. We both were crying on the phone. It was so sad. About a dad later he left a voicemail on my phone saying he missed me and he just wanted to be with me. So then one Saturday afternoon i was sleeping and my fone rang. It was him! I didnt even expect it, but he asked me to go to his little cousins basketball game with him. I told him i would. So we went together and we went back to house. We were sitting there watchin TV when all of a sudden he leaned over and kissed me!! I was soo nervous and happy at the same time. So I started liking him again. Well eventually this got back to his ex-girlfriend (my friends sister) and she was madd! She started calling me a whore and everything else, and everyone got mad at me because he had gone around telling people that we had had sex. SO i had no friends not even that girl's sister. No one liked me because I was supposedly a whore. Now he even calls me a skank, and everything else. Im not friends w/ anyone from that town anymore, just becuase of him. I truly don't think he realizes how much he broke my heart. I was stupid for saying yes to him twice..! He has a new girlfriend now but everytime i think about us i begin to cry and think to myself what happened? i atlaest wish I had all my friends back, and that I never went out w/ him. But thats not going to happen because you can't change time. So every gil, learn from my mistakes!


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