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I almost threw up when I found out.

Me and my girlfriend had been dating for 2 years, we were in love, no if's and's or but's about it. And I know people say oh your just 18, but I know exactly how I felt, and I will not be able to love a girl as much as her again, and she told me the same. Things had been rough the past couple months since both of us left for collage. But it was the same collage. After about 3 months in collage together things got really bad. She broke up with me, technically, meaning that we still saw eachother and that there was still hope, but she told me that if I was treating her better that she would be back with me. So I tried treating her better. I found out that not even a week after we technically broke up she had hooked up with a guy who she met in class. She refuses to tell me about it and I am now so depressed and I have no idea how to handle this. All I think about is that bastard on top of my love, and her accepting that and kissing him back. I almost threw up when I found out. How can people do this?


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