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Love does not descriminate.

Let me speak a little about my relationship, if I may. I'm a 19 year young boy, fresh out of high school, finally starting the real world. I'm single, and, like every other 19 year old single guy fresh out of of high school, HORNY! Let's face it, if you had a pulse...well, you can finish the rest of that, I'm sure. So, I'm meeting this older man, who later became known as BOO, for a random hookup. This was my first hookup with a man this much older than me...(39 years older to be exact), and, as could be expected, I was nervous. We see each other from across the parking lot of a "Shell" station and I run over to introduce myself. As I'm running, I'm making sure that I have my wallet on me, my cell phone turned on, and so know, just to be safe. I hop in the car and in a deep, manly voice (slightly intimidating) i hear, "Hey hottie, whatcha wanna do". I turn to see this overwhelmingly handsome man with sunglasses on and a leather coat. 'WHOA!" I think to myself as I examine the man. "Ummm, yeah, let's just like, head over to your know, whatever happens from there is cool with me". I said with a cute, almost innocent smile.

We eventually get to his house, half an hour later..."Thank god," I'm thinking to myself, being careful not to show my nerves, "We actually went to his house! No detours!" We pull into the garage and he leads me upstairs. Almost instantly, we start playing around.

As the day neared it's conclusion, my nerves settled and I finally realize that this is just like any other reason to be nervous.

But I was wrong, this wasn't just any other hookup. It was the hookup that could quite possibly change my life. I'm currently sitting at my computer, 3 days before my 20th birthday, talking to my "BOO" on the phone and planning out our day for tomorrow.

There are a number of things that can be learned from this story, which I never imagined could be true.

First is that, Love really can show up at any moment, in any day, at any age. I love my partner VERY much. It's not puppy love, and I'm not lying when I say that I love him. I can see that in him aswell.

Second, Love sees no age. When you're old enough to understand the concept of love, anything can happen. He found love at 58, I found love at 19.

Last, but certainly not least, Love doesn't discriminate. I tried SO HARD not to let myself love such an older man. He tried so hard never to see me after the 2nd or 3rd day...but here we are, ten months later.

I wish everyone would be as open-minded as my friends were when I first started dating this man. My friends and family have supported me the entire way, which is not to say there haven't been speed bumps. We have encountered poor service at different resteraunts or stores due to our age difference and our public displays of affection (which are never out of line, we hold hands and maybe a kiss on the cheek here and there...nothing like making out in the middle of Macy's). So next time you see a couple on the street holding hands, lets say it's a really good looking guy with an overweight woman...think about the last conclusion that I drew from my snipet from life: Love does not descriminate.



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