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i will always be willing to help him

have you ever known someone for a long time and just walked past him and said hi and never ever thought that you would never in anyway want them...well thats how i felt! i have never thoguht that thats the guy i want but hes so amazing it all started one night when i was with my friends just hanging out at a bon fire and was looking through a friends phone when i got his number and text him that he was so sexy and he didn't know who i was at the time and everyone was just laughing and one night i text him and asked him if he wanted to hangout and thats a night i will never forget we chilled like most friends do and it happend more often and we flirted and everyone told me that we would make a good couple i din't think anything of it until he left one night with my cousin and called me and was acting like she was doing sexual things with him i hung up the phone and chucked it across the park (thats when i knew that i wanted him)he came back and i was pissed i acted all mad just to see what he would do he walk in the house and i walked out he followed and ask me "What's wrong" and i told him "well first how are going to call me and say that, and i think thatyou could tell that i like you." so then i walked up to this guy that he said that i wanted and started talking to him and knowing him he had to but in and start talking so i walked back into the house and acted like everything was all fine and later that night i got a text message from him asking what was wrong and i told him that i wasn't gunna waste my time and he thoguht that i was saying that he was a waste of time and i told him that hes not a waste of time it's just that i didn't want to waste my time on liking someone who doesn't feel the same and what he sent back i will never forget he told me well who said that i din't like you when i do. thats when everthing between us conected i thought that i was finally going to be happy and i would never lose him and i was the happiest person in the world. we spent lots of time together and always made eachother happy until he started getting into drugs and selling them i blame this all on myself because if i didn't introduce him to the people then he wouldn't be into all the shit hes into now! then he started messing around with other girls and i never thought that i could get this hurt in my life he told me that things were not the same and sometimes i thoguht it was because i wouldn't sleep with him because i didn't wanna rush things and then lose him so after 3 months i just gave it up to him thinking that thats a way that i could keep him but it wasn't i remember him telling me that he found someone new and i was hurt more then ever but i just couldn't let him see that. so i just told him to treat her right and not to hurt her like he did others but then he jumped from her to another i remember i was so mad at him that i went to the one guy that i knew would piss him off and i ended up telling him all about it but that didn't seem to work cause he told me that he slept with this really hott girl and then took her home and stold something off of her boyfriends truck....i was heartbroken and after that things didn't seem the way they were supposed to be we still messed around but then it just stopped he said that he was sorry for everything that he put me through but he it was clear to see that he didn't want me i love this boy still and always will i just wish that he will soon realize that he ment everything to me and still does i try to help him with his drug prolem but he gets so mad when i try to noone has tried to make a stand to help but me and i will always be willing to help him


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