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I just hope she has a happy life. I will love her till the day I die

I im in love....and it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I moved in with a buddy and his girlfriend. At first, there was no attraction at all to her. She was his, and just a friend to me. I never evened thought of her like that. Then, her boyfriend started treating her real bad. And she would confide in me on a daily basis of all the rotten things he would do. We spent many late nights talking to each other for hours. Then I knew I was in love. When I couldnt wait for her to come home, or when we go to a bar, I would keep the creeps from hitting on her, and make sure she had a good time. When she was not feeling well, and her jerk boyfriend wouldnt get her anything, I would go into town for her and get her what she needed. I feel in love with her personality, not her looks. She is beautiful, but thats not why I love her. Oh God I miss her.. Im tearing up as I write this, but I have to get this out. Her boyfriend would go away for the weekends sometimes, leaving us alone to hang out together. We would just lay around and talk for hours, or watch a movie or whatever. Those were the best days of my life, just getting to be with her. And never once did try to "make a move" on her, because, even though her boyfriend was a real dick, he was still my buddy, and I couldnt do that to him. I miss the times we would lay in bed watching a movie, and i would just watch her eyes and talk to her. She is an angel. Finally, I had to move out. The pain was too much to bear. To see her every morning, knowing she couldnt be mine, watching her be with my friend. I had no choice but to leave. Then shortly after I moved, she left him. She moved to a different state, hundreds of miles away. Of course, I had her number and she called me on an almost daily basis. I wanted to tell her so badly I loved her, but I didnt want to ruin what I had with her. She trusts me, and I couldnt ruin that by telling her that I loved her and freaking her out. Then she started telling of some guy she met at her work, and how hot he was and this other crap, and I had to bite me tounge and just listen. I must have cried myself to sleep for a month... Her phone was shut off two months ago. The was time I talked to her was on my birthday. She called me to chat and say Happy Birthday, and i havent heard from her since. I wish I had never moved in with my friend, I would have saved myself a lot of misery. I lay in bed and wonder, "Is she all right?! I hope no ones treating her bad..." Its been hell. As long as she is happy though, thats what matters. I just miss looking into her eyes. All I hve now is a picture of her, and the tears dont stop coming. I just hope she has a happy life. I will love her till the day I die


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