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Ri and I are in amazingly perfect relationship for a total of five months

How I met my true love was a really long and stressful year. In my freshman year in High school, I joined JROTC. When I was on a field trip to a national guard base, at lunch that was the first time I met the man that would break my heart and the man that would mend my broken heart.

One day I sent "Ri" a email and asked if he wanted to have lunch with me and a few friends. That day we had lunch both Ri and "James" showed up, the two guys from the field trip.

After knowing Ri and James for a about two weeks, James asked me out in the middle of the hallway with Ri right there. I was kinda suprised, but I said I would think about it.

A few days later we were dating, he was moving really fast and I noticed that he had problems with drugs, depression and drinking. He made me physical uncomfortable. I broke up with him two weeks later, he said stuff about me and this was nothing compaired to how me mulipulated me in the future.

Ri and I started to date, I had no real strong feelings for him but I knew there was the possiblilty of a great relationship with time and work. James still liked me, so I thought and around christmas time brought me a nice necklace and started to tell me lies about Ri, who never stood up for himself and I was foolish with the promise of more to come.

James whispered promises of love and romance while Ri was not there, I wanted to help James get over his drug addiction and to help him though his life. I with in a few weeks broke up with Ri and James was my new guy. We went and saw amazing things, I got lots of nice things on holidays like on Valantines Day we went to a Japanise steakhouse, on my birthday his mom had made me a beautiful cake and he brought me a nice gold and diamond bracelet, he was the man of my dreams I thought.

Spring break was the worst vacation of my life, James broke up with me though a friend and my heart broke in two, I cried for a week straight. He just wanted to make Ri jealous and to hurt him, he had used me to hurt him, I was hurting even worst. My friends tried to cheer me up and Ri suddenly came into my life again. He let me talk to him and told me that he was always there if I wanted to talk.

I told him it all, about how little he cared about where he was touching me and how many ppl were looking, about how he tried to make me more like him, less happy and depressed. Ri told me about how he had dated a few girls and none of them felt as right as I did.

I knew that I had hurt him badly and I was hurting worst, nights were hell and days were horrible. After I began to heal from all this hurt, Ri asked me out again. I said no, I didn't want to get hurt. I couldn't cry my heart out anymore, I wanted to be alone and misable.

Ri just kept on asking, I was getting annoyed because summer was coming and we would have no time together but he said we would make it all work out. I trusted him and said yes.

Slowly over the summer he gained my complete trust and he totally trusted me, we spent longs hours at his house, talking, playing pool and after a little while we began to be intimate. I wanted to ALWAYS be with him and be there for him.

Our first time was a mini nightmare but taken well, we both where calm and sorted it all out.

School has began and lots of things have changed since last year. James is moving to LA to live with his girlfriend who he was dating off and on for awhile. Ri and I are in amazingly perfect relationship for a total of five months and I would never leave his side ever again.


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