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i prayed for an angel and got one, i am the luckiest guy in the world

i had never had much luck at getting a gf. either the girl just wasnt interested or ignored me entirely. coming off a recent rejection, i wondered if i would ever find a girl that loved me for me and would give me a chance. out of nowhere this gorgeous girl contacts me and says i looked interesting and we should talk sometime, and we did, very often for 4 hrs at a time, we told stories, told each other about ourselves and asked each other everything and anything. this was some of the best conversation id ever have. it was always comfortable and always fun, i always looked forward to our conversations. time passed and the heart grew more fond of this girl. one really cold nite i watched movies with her and her roommate, we sat next to each other and didnt say too much, i sent her a text message and it said that it made my day just to be sitting next to her, she looked up and smiled, we hugged and said goodbye. later that nite, we were talking online and she asked me what we were, if we were together or not, i then asked her what she thought and she said i wanna be together, i said ok and then went to bed. went back the next nite and as i was leaving i took her hands, looked her in the eyes and said you have a heart of gold, ur beautiful, ur amazing will u go out with me she said yes and as we pulled out of our hug, she looked at me and gave me this short gentle kiss. that kiss literally sent me on a high. i had never felt anything like that in my life. we're together and we love each other very much. this was worth the wait and is more than i ever expected, no matter what we are doing, we truly enjoy the presence of each other. ill look at her and literally see stars in her eyes. her kiss and touch is like no other, and the appriciation and affection for each other is amazing. i prayed for an angel and got one, i am the luckiest guy in the world


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