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One thing is for sure, if I do lose her I will never find one like her ever again

I once thought that true love really existed, I thought that I found the person that I would be with for the rest of my life, but after today that love could be gone forover. It all started about a year ago. I first say her in my bio 101 class, she was beautiful; I new there was something special about her, something different, something that you rarely see in a person. I knew If she ever gave me a chance we could have a great relationship. It is funny how we first started talking, actually, she made the first move. She sent me a message one day, and I took over from there. We had dinner in the cafeteria one day and I could tell that she was very shy because she rarely looked at me, lol. We had dinner a few times and I knew that I really liked her, but I could not tell how she felt about me because she was so shy, but I had a feeling she might be thinking the same about me. Then, Christmas break came along and I didn't talk to her much, big mistake, but I sent her a message a few days after Christmas and we started talking again. We went out on our first date when a few weeks after that and she was still very shy, lol. We started dating a few weeks after that and it only got better. She came out of her shell and we had so much fun, she was so fun to be around and she could always make me smile. I had the greatest girlfriend ever; but here lately I have been messing up, I didn't cheat on her, I would never do that. I have just been saying things that I shouldn't. Yesterday I got mad over nothing and almost made her cry and I thought I lost her, but she shrugged it off and we went out to eat and had a great time. Today, however, she has been acting weird and wouldn't really talk much, and she may be having doubts. I hope she was just having a bad day, but if I really messed up this time it is MY fault. I hope it isn't over because she is the love of my life, and I will try really hard to better. No, not try, I WILL do better and I will be more sensitive of people's feelings. One thing is for sure, if I do lose her I will never find one like her ever again.


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