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A Marriage Proposal

I have been in a relationship for a little over a year. We had our ups and downs along the way. One day we got into a big fight. A big enough fight to break-up. I was so in love with this guy that I felt like I would do anything to keep him with me. We needed to be straight up with eachother so I told him that I felt like we were drifting apart. I knew he felt hurt because he wanted to put everything into making me happy.

So one day he brought me to the beach. While the car was parked he told me he had a surprise. I was so excited to see what it was. He brought me into this summer home and lead me into the bedroom. The bed had red rose petals all over it with a bunch of candles light around the room. The room spelt like his colonge which I completely adore. I was so pleased that I was so glad i was straight up with him or this dream would never have happened.

Finally he said "Do you think we are drifting apart now?" Oh my gosh, I didn't know what to say I was so flattered. I looked him into the eyes and said that "I have no idea what to say." So to get something happening I grabbed his arm and pulled down to the bed. We were both laying down kissing for a while until we both needed air in the stuffy room. We were walking down the beach hand and hand with the wind brushing up against my hair. We got tired af walking so we desided to sit in the sand where we kissed a little more but I noticed that the sky has changed colors. It was sunset. Oh it was so romantic.

He said to me "This is your surprise, baby" I didn't know what to say again so I just looked back at the sky. Finally we headed back to the cottage where we just talked about things. It was good talking to him because we really didn't talk at all anymore. It was getting dark so i decided to shut the blinds because I didn't want anyone looking inside the house. As i was shutting one facing the beach I saw the moon. It was full, right over the Ocean. With light shining down the water like a pathway to heaven. I got the greated idea so I went up to him and told him that I had a surprise. I took his hand and brought him to the beach with the same running through our toes again. And told him to look up at the moon. He said "How beautiful..." I cut him off and agreed with him "Yeah, baby I know" with the biggest grin on my face he said back to me

"I was talking about you..." Thats when he got onto his knee and asked me for his hand in marriage. I had no idea what to say. I nodded yes with tearn off joy streaming down my face. He wipped them off and gently kissed me on the lips and told me the first time that day that "I love you, baby" I finally said something back to him. Telling him that "I love you, too" Then we went back to passionatly kissing. It started to get buggy out so we went back into the summer home and couldn't get off of eachother. I think I should end it there. M and I are still happily married. It has been almost 2 weeks. I love you M!


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