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now it's almost three months later, I'm pregnant and he's gone

my ex-boyfriend and i had the best love story ever. we had our differences but we were so in love and so perfect for each other but all of that changed when we broke up. i was devastated. he told me it was only for a little while and then he'd be back and we could be happy once again. after two months i finally got sick of hearing things and being thevictim of so many broken promises. i went to hang out with one of my old friends who he just happened to hate and the guy told me i didnt need broken promises. he told me he loved me and that's the first time ive been used by a boy. i slept with him but to this very day i regret it. when i told my ex he started screaming at me and tried to throw me out of his car but after a few days he forgave me. we have had many fights since and about three months ago i asked him to give me something to prove that he wanted to be with me and he agreed. now it's almost three months later, I'm pregnant and he's gone. i miss him so much but he says we're done forever bacause i wasnt good enough to make him happy.


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