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I had with him...the time of m life.i will never forget him

So there is this guy. I think im in love with him. ive never been in love before so im not sure but i think i loved him and stil do. he was perfect. there was this one night we had so much fun. we were at our highschool football game and it started raining but we didnt care we still watched it. it was just us to in the grass area and all our friends were in the stands. We just laughed and he would start making fun of me (but in a flirting way) and then i wud start runnning away from him and then hed catch me and hold me and then kiss me. and then i told him he smelled (as a joke cause really he smelled amazing) and then he started walking away and i ran and jumped on his back and he said i was to heavy and then i was like pretending to be mad and was liek "put me down!" then he wouldnt put me down and then when he did he grabbed me and looked at me for a little bit and then i was like what? and then he kissed me again and again and again. then we went back to m friends house adn went mud sliding. i just miss him. he was the most fun boyfriend i have ever had in my life. i just knew that this relationshp didnt have to be serious for me to fall in love becuase falling in love is having the time of you life and thats what i had with him...the time of m life.i will never forget him


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