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Craig died in his sleep on the 8th February 2006

I'd been with Craig for just under 2 years. We met each other through work. I worked there for about 6 months before we even spoke but when i got talking to him at the christmas party, it was like we'd known each other forever. (Cheesy i know but thats how it was!) We ended up getting together about 2 months after the xmas party and everything was great, couldnt have asked for a better boyfriend! He would do literally ANYTHING for me as long as it made me happy. If anyone gave me shit he was always there to sort it out, but not with violence all the time he just seemed to calm the situation down (if he got anymore laid back - he'd be horizontal!) He would treat me allll the time and if he even THOUGHT i liked something in a shop, he would have it at my hous the next day all wrapped up! Valentine Day's were the best, i really did feel like a queen! We'd been together 6months when i found a message from an unknown number on his phone. It was just saying that 'Cheryl' missed him so so so much and wanted them to try again. I'd always been told by colleagues that he didnt mess girls about and he wasnt one 2 go around sleeping with just anyone. We'd never had a massive argument really but im such a jealous person i couldnt help it and accused him of cheating on me and called him every name under the sun! Craig promised me he only "had eyes for me and that his wallet wasnt big enough to wine and dine 2 ladies!!" I realised how unreasonable and quick-to-judge i'd been and we eventually sorted things out and it turned out to be an ex of his. He phoned her up while i was with him and explained that he was with someone else now and that we were happy. He told her he would always be there for her but just wasnt in love with her like that anymore and they could still be friends which i minded a bit but its better than him seeing her behind my back. She accepted this and he only heard from her a few times after that. He was such a great bloke that how could i expect one of his exes not to want to keep in touch with him or still be in love with him?! We got over that speedbump then hit another one 11 and a half months into the relationship, i was pregnant. I was really worried about telling Craig as i know he loved his job and loved playing rugby and being at the pub on a Sunday night with his mates, but when i told him he was happier than i expected. He saw it as a way of us showing everyone that it wasnt just a phase and that it was going to work. No-one believed we would 'go-the-distance' as i was 18 when we met and he was 24, but oh how we proved them wrong!! Baby Charlie was born on 31st October 2005. It was the happiest time of my life - other than the 16hour labour - well worth it in the end though! My life couldnt get any better so it seemed, but then another giant huge speedbump, no...more like a mountain came our way. Exactly 2weeks after Charlie had been born, on the 14th November 2005, Craig was diagnosed with lung cancer. My whole world crumbled around me. He was told that it wasnt in a serious stage at the moment, but he had to have regular check-ups. Craig constantly asked the doctors how long he had left and they always said they couldnt guarantee how many weeks, months or years and just to hope that the cancer wouldnt spread but it did. It started off in the left lung and then spread through Craig's bloodstream. The doctor's said that we could try chemo but again there was no guarantee that this would cure it and put Craig into remission. We booked Charlie's christening for the 11th February 2006, as this was the day that me and Craig had started going out and it would also be our 2-year anniversary. Craig's health deterioated rapidly and within a month of starting the chemo (beginning of nov) he could hardly leave his bedroom. Doctors said that the cancer couldnt have eaten him up inside at such a speed and that it was just the temporary side effects of the chemo. Even though it was hard for me to see him like this, i had to have Charlie with us both as much as possible so he could get to know and love his dad like everyone did, especially Charlie's mummy! By the end of December Craig was slowly but surely, getting back to chatting away and wanting to go and watch football and rugby with the lads! He was playing wih his son and wining and dining me again! This went on until around the end of January when the ill Craig came back again, it was heartbreaking. Craig died in his sleep on the 8th February 2006, just 3 days away from his little Chaz's christening. It just shows by his funeral how loved he was. There were so many people there, they were stood up in the aisles and people were outside the church waiting, as there was no space inside. I even invited Cheryl along - how weird am i?! I cancelled Chalie's christening and it's now booked for the 4th December this year - Craig's 27th birthday. I wouldnt say that me and Craig broke up as such, as i know he's still with me and Charlie everyday, he will always be the love of my life and even though people tell me to get on with things, 8 months on from Craig's death, i dont think anyone will ever make me feel the way Craig did and no-one will ever take Charlie's daddy's place. Love you Craigy xxx


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