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We Keep Breaking Up - Maybe It's Love

I met her off the Internet (some say say dont trust meeting people off the internet) but the more I spoke to her the more I began to trust her.

We started to date 2 years ago. Then we broke up and found other people.

Months later we see eachother again, and stayed like that for a while.

Another problem was that people say that long distance relationships never last because they’re so hard. She lives states away and we fly out to see eachother as much as we can. Everytime I see her, I feel like im seeing her for the 1st time. I beleive that everytime I see her she grows more beautiful...I could never feel like that with anyone even if they lived in the house next door. I get so excited everytime I see her again and it never gets boring.

Some people disagree with our relationship and said its unreal and could never work out.

We’ve had some really hard times that have gotten in the way of us, and have caused us to split up. We have tried other people...and broken up for other people...and the more that happend the more I began to know that she was the one for me and I couldnt love any other, but her. We are together again and happy and nothing could get in the way anymore. I bought her a promise ring to symbolize that I love her and I want to be with her forever. She bought me one as well. Till this day we are together. I know were young, but I know something inside of me needs her forever...And that something can never go away. I always want her to know that I love her forever, and I will never stop.


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