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i love you E.B. forever

im 14 and in grade 9. i have loved the same guy since grade 2. for some reason hes gone out with both my best friends and so many other girls. hes nos by now that i have a major crush on him. me and him r pretty close tho, we talk all the time about anything and everything, but not once have i actually told him how i felt.

so while im walking to my next class at school or watever i always see him making out with other girls and we look at each other really weird, its pretty awkward, and then he just continues kissing. and i walk away. people have told me that he does like me but doesnt no how to tell me.
we've been friends forever so i can understand that because i feel the same way.

my friends dont even no about my crush on their ex-boyfriend. they say hes an amazing kisser. i no that someday ill find out if thats true. i totally have faith. i love you E.B. forever.


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