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A Chance Meeting Turned Into Marriage

it was a sunny day in the summer of 2000. I was in my car, standing at the red light, when right next to me in the next lane,another car pulled up. i glanced over there and spotted this real cute guy, he looked back for a few seconds. then the light turned green, just as i thought how much i hate these kind of situations you see someone but you don't get a chance to talkj to this person. But he was following behind me even though he was in the lane to go straight and i was going right. so at the next light we were standing next to each other again. he roled his window down and asked if we could talk. i was a little aprehensive, but i agreed to meet him by a busy gas station near by. I was afraid he would be a player the way we met. But we were talking for four hours about all kinda things. and we exchanged number and made a date for the next day.

That day i was sure i had met my true soulmate. we spent pretty much every day together since that day four years ago. in three weeks we will be getting married. I feel like the luckiest person in the world and wonder about the what if's ( What if my friend hadn't call and i would hve left five minutes earlier, what if he had kept on going straight). he is the most wonderful guy i could ever ask for. we complete each other perfectly, even though we have up and downs we always talk about things that is on our minds.

The past year he had been in Afghanistan with the u.s army, but this time had made us only stronger. SInce we couldn't express our love and affection by kissing and hugging etc. we had to write letters/email and talk to keep our love alive and to supprt each other to keep holding on.


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