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i can rember how me and my b.f met

i can rember how me and my b.f ment. it was at the being of school i walked in and i saw this cuet funny boy he had black hair and blue eyes he came up to me and said hi my name is Justin wats yours im like becca hes like nice to meet you i insatly fell in love with him well one day he got into touble at school so he had to take some time off form school i thought that he got kicked out or somthing so i kept on worreing asking everyon where justin was people kept telling me that he woudnt be back i broke down i thought oh grate i lost the one boy that i fell for hard but to my surpise he came back a month later i was so happy but i thought he for got about me he didnt he said hi again then it was back to the old times then one day i was talking about fishing to one of my teachers and he over heard me and hes like you like to fish im like i love to fish he is like so do i and hes like thats osm so i give him my number and he give me his i told him that ide call him when i got home hes like ok. i rember going home a nd being really scared i reached for the phone i diled his number so manny tohughts ran though my head im like omg wat if i dont know wat to say wat if i act like a fool spurisingly i didnt act like a fool we talked for a bout 3 hours then he had to go so the next day i went home got on the copmuter game that me and him play i told him that i need to tell him somthing hes like wat is it. i took a breath and im like i like you and hes like really and im like yes i like you alot hes like hold on a min and he singed off im like oh grate he dosent like me like that a few mins later the phone raing hes like reallly im like yes then he told me the people that he liked and then he finlly said thows words will you go out with me i felt so damm happy like i was on top of the world or somthing he made me feel so good and ill never forget that day we have been going out for a year now and were working on our second year hes amamzing and id never give him up for anything in this world I LOve you so much justin baby always and forever ill never forget the day we ment if it wasnt for your brother i would have ever told you how i felt


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