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My x boyfriend just dumped me and i was heart broken

ok well this is how my loves story happend.....

My x boyfriend just dumped me and i was heart broken because i thought i loved him we were engaged. well about a couple months later afriend of mine called me his name is mike weston. well i was laying on my bed with the phone beisde me and i was looking straight up at my sealing well the rang and it was mike he asked and wondered if i wanna go over and hangout he wanted me to meet of his friends and i was debating on going because i thought ok no i know in my heart i couldnt or didnt want to trust another man because i have been abused and lied to in the past. well the i said to my self "it cant hirsts any what have i got to lose right" well so i got my sweatshit on and and redid my hair cause it was a mess because i was laying on my bed well the i slapped on a little makeup and headed out. well i was ready to walk over there and this weird guy was standing outside now i was scared because i didnt know who he was and our nabourhood wasnt exatally safe. well then my bro walked me over there and when i walked in the door it was like a dream come true i thought he was hansome well i didnt know if he felt the same way about me. well he was drinking a little bit and i dont drink i was old enough to anyway. and he was talking on the phone to other gurls it got me kinda mad or alot mad well my bro told me that he was going to go so i said ya i think im going to go with you well b* the guy m* wanted me to meet over hird me say that and well he put down the phone and his drink and took my arm gentally and asked me nicley "please dont go im srry i was rude i would like to make it up to you and get to know u better if u give me another chance" well i said ok i have nothing better to do and i told my bro to just leave and ill be home soon. so he left and brandon went back to were he was sitting well i sat back down were i was sitting and funny thing was he started throwing pillows at me lol...then he moved alittle closer more each time...mike was just sitting in is new rocking chair drinking away.....well anyway we were all fooling around and chasing eachother....oh this is when my bro got board at home and he came back...anywho like i said before we were all fooling around and my brother got ice cubes for b* and well he stuck them down my shirt no i didnt like it but we were all have fun...while m* was then trying to teach my bro how to dance brandon grabbed my hand and him and i went into the other room now i didnt know what was going on when he did that but i tried getting away when all he wanted to do was talk to me and get to know me better. but i how was i supposed to know this when he just got done drinking and i didnt know him so i got out and before i got out he said all i want to do is talk so i went back in then my bro came in and started makeing fun of me and him because we were alone and darren my bro was like "ooooooo what are u guys doing" and im like nothing dare. so then we all went back out to the living room and sat down then before i knew it brandon was right next to me and looking at be the whole time and i looked over to him and im like "is there something on my face" and he said "nothing your just so beatiful and i cant take my eyes off of you"....ok so you thinking oh this guy is bluffing just trying to get down my pant right, wrong. it was the most nicest thing i guy has ever said to me. well later he was telling me to let down my hair and i was like hell no i had a pony tail in it and gurls out there you guys know how it is when u take out a hairtie the lining of it is in your hair well thats how mine is all the time well that night he told him he didnt care he thought i looked beautiful with my hair down. well he cradled my face in is hands just touching my face that all he wanted to do just then. well then m* said hey you guys gotta go now im going to bed and we were like ohh m* just let us talked for a while in here we wont be loud we promis please. but no m* was his stubrin dude he didnt trust more the one person in his house trust you would agree i guess you can say hes rich and he dont want nothing stollen. well anyway we steped outside and we were talking and stuff well he and i exchanged queastions then everything went quite and he looked me straight in the eyes and all of the sudden we got closer and closer and he touched my face with he manley soft hands and held me and he moved closer and closer again and i couldnt say anything i dont think i wanted to. the moment was to perfect and he told me "a* i bet i can make you fall inlove again" he never said him or anyone else but i think i knew what he was talking about and then his lips brushed lightley over mine and gentally kissed me then he pushed not in a bad way but in a good way he pushed our bodys together and our lips to and kissed me harder. then i just remeber how much i have been hirt in the past and i didnt want to beleive that it might be love at first sight but then i said listen i have been hirt badley bye my x both verbally abused and emotionally and i dont know if this is what i want to do yet. and he told me "hey its ok take as long as you want, im not going anywhere i found who i wanna be with" and im like omg "you dont even know me yet i mean you know me but not like you want to know me." well after that i went home and thought about it. it took amonth and a half before i said yes to him he was so thrilled i dont think he could of been happier. so that is how my love storry happend. but now i dont know anymore i moved out of my moms house and moven with him in his buddys house and everything i dont think is going so well. but hey i dont wanna ruin this love story at all. hope you guys enjoy.


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