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then suddenly one day this summer.. he did it yet AGAINNNN!

we're three years apart. i've loved him ever since i could remember. we grew up together. he was my first kiss (when i was like six years old) and the first person i ever really had feelings for. sure, there were other guys, but he was always there in the back of my mind. our relationship was extremly on and off. we went out a few times when we were really young. ever since then he's told me way to many times that he loved me and he'd lead me on... and then he'd shoot me down.

well last year i didn't see him as much, instead just talked to him a lot on msn which was fine, but it later lead to problems. because as we all know, over a computer people can misread things. so bascially i'll break it down for you.. last year he showed interest in me yet again, during march break.. he flirted.. and i was convinced (yet again) he would ask me out. i went to his house and he was shaking when i was there. he told my best friend he thought i was hot. i went back to his house to kiss him. it was this whole dramatic little love scene like something you'd see out of a movie. then, he just ignored me. i messaged him so many times on msn. he didn't talk to me for a couple of months until i found out that he had a girlfriend. that left me really bruised..

so time passed and we talked a little bit, but it was really nothing. of course i still had feelings for him, but nothing happened between us until he broke up with his girlfriend. then it was finally summer.. meaning he wasn't "busy with homework" and whatever else excuses he had given me during the year. so we talked alot, flirted a lot.. and then this big random fight happened that i'd rather not talk about. as you can probably guess though.. he lead me on, shot me down. nothing new.

i did everything in my power to get over him and finally i did (orrr, i thought i did) so i unblocked him.. we started talking again (but just as friends) and i tried to find out answers to why he did what he did but he just said that he didn't know why and he blamed it on the fact that hes "a guy", so i just didn't bother. but now we've both gotten over it..

and then suddenly one day this summer.. he did it yet AGAINNNN!
(started to lead me on)
but this time i was prepared
so i asked him; "look its one thing to say you love me but its another to mean it"
and it ends up he actually meant it, and that he always has. its just that i lived too far and whatnot, but he said he was willing to work on the distance factor and then (finally! FINALLY) he asked me out.
now we've been dating for about a month and i seriously hope that we last a really long time.
i know i'm young, but i can seriously say he's the only one i could ever see myself marrying.
he is the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for.


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