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he doesn't want to come back here (romania),

my boyfriend won a green card for the usa last year and ofc he went there. he left last year in may. we are still together in a way..only on messenger. i love him and i miss him so much. i haven't cheated on him although i had the occasion to do it many times without him knowing that..but i didn't. and i don't regret that. he doesn't want to come back here (romania), i don't want to go there (california), but we love eachother a lot. it's the shittiest thing that ever happened to me, but i hope that in the end things will be ok. i really don't know what to do. i got a great job here, he got a shitty job there. i don't want to live in america (sorry american people, your country is too complex for east europeans like me), he doesn't want to come back. anyway, i am pretty drunk now, this is why i actually write here cause usually i keep things like those for myself. buh bye


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