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I Love my Best Friend - He Wants to Stay Friends

Six years back, Some new neighbors moved in. Little by little another friend and I started hanging out with the girl that was our age there. Later the other girl that would go and hang out with us abandoned us. I still hung out with the "New Neighbor" and now we are the best of friends. I had always known she had brothers but had never really paid attention to them until I got into 6th of her brothers really started attracting me.

Not knowing what to do...I stayed quiet for about a year, then the whole school found out that I liked him. Devistated and Humiliated, I told him how I felt...he responded by saying that nothing would change between us, since we had to become best friends.

Well time passed by and he started getting g/f's, I unfortunetly had jealousy issues and would get super pissed at him. He has put up with alot of crap I have thorwn his way, but I believe he deserved some of it. I would give anything to be with him because I love him but he doesnt feel the same. I will forever love him and I wont give up, but I must say....Love is pain.


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