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if it would make him happy, i am willing to set him free

i had this guy that i really like... actually i think that the feeling is mutual between us... so, after we graduated from high school i promised myself that i would do anything to be successful...i was doing that for us both... for our future!

even though we don't talk that often, i was assuming that everything is happening smoothly for both of us.. thinking that he is just busy with his studies, i forgave him for those times he missed to communicate with me... unknowingly, we drifted apart... we no longer see each other..i don't know if he already has a new girl since he doesn't tell me anything. worse, I don't even know if he still has that feeling he used to have for me.

i wanted to clarify things between us... but then again, i am afraid of his answers... afraid that he would tell me that he got over me already and found someone new... but then again, if it would make him happy, i am willing to set him free. n_n


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