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Talk about real love... thanks jerk!

I believe that love exists but its not easy to find. Love can be made up and that is why I want to tell my story. I met this guy in my school he fell in love with me and asked me out. I said yes because I couldn't deny that I had feelings for him too. What can I say? He was my first boyfriend and my first love and I was his first also. We had a great relationship. I stopped talking to all of my friends and neglected my job for him. He had me swept off my feet. We would break night and talk on the phone for up to 8 hours in a row and when we were toguether we just couldn't keep our hands off each other. Until one day he announced me of a trip to australia in which he was going to spend 3 weeks. We promised to wait for each other and I did according to my word. When he was in australia he called me and text me several times and he swore that he loved me and will not cheat on me but I was crawling on the ground for this guy and every word he said I would absorb. So I spent three long weeks waiting for him and time had never been so abundant. When he finally came back he promised to call and he did but he was a stranger. His attitude towards me had changed and when I spoke to him it was as if he didn't care. Suddenly he text me "lets just be friends." he had left the country for another 3 weeks and he came back- well it wasn't really him, but this terrible person. Even the way he looked was different his smile and the look in his eye. Unfortunately we had class toguether in school, he would turn around and look at me once in a while but I would simply smile even if it hurt me inside but I wanted him back as the guy I fell in love with. This one is just a disguise and I hate it. Til this day I don't know the real reason for the break up, all I know is the simple fact that I was left alone with nothing but a phone bill due to international calls and text messages from australia in which I worked all summer overtime to pay. Talk about real love... thanks jerk!


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