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Love at 16

i was at a party when i meet her i wasnt supose to be at but i went and i didnt know any body but 2 people there and one time i was sittign there by my self and she came up and talked to me at first she looked hot but i wasnt sue if i was going to date her but we talked for a while and when she left i asked her for her number and she gave it to me.

hte next night i called her we stayed up all night and talked. every day for a week we would talk all night. hten i went to the movies with her and her brother and his girl then while in front of her brother his girl and her brother i asked her out she didnt say anthing so i thought that she was going to say no but she finally said yes and i gave her a hug and holded her hand and they stated clapping.

ever since we seen each other that night i knew i loved her ill do anyting to be with her and im only 16 but i know that i love her and she loves me we will do anyhting for each other so im alawys there to protect and ill do anything to keep her safe and ill do anyting to make her happy


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