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now i have to try to accept that he doesnt love me and never really did.

we were a small class in college, and i was happy there. i had a boyfriend who was adorable and id been with him for 6mths, then i started noticing a lad from 1 of my classes in college. he was good looking yet quiet and to me seemed mysterious. we ended up getting together and i finished with my boyfriend so that we could be a proper couple. everything was perfect for a while but then we seemed 2 argue for a while because we didnt understand each other, then we broke up. for a short time i felt that it was better because of this but then i found out i was pregnant and had to reveal the truth to him. i didnt keeo the baby and he was unbelievably understanding. we got back together because he told me he still loved me but not long after things started to go wrong again and we broke up. i miss him so much and there is no way we will get back together. it saddens me as now i have to see him most days in college, and i feel as if we r complete strangers when once upon a time we had such a passion and chemistry with each other. ive tried to win him back, but now i have to try to accept that he doesnt love me and never really did.


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