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Thank GOD for loaning me an Angel

Thank GOD for loaning me an Angel. My wife is what everyone dreams of. We have been married for 25 yrs. and it only gets better. She is a great lover,my best friend and my wife. She is intelligent and can do anything she tries. She is good at any project. She writes wonderful poems and speaches. Her letters are the most well read. She is beautiful,sexy,cute,kind,considerent,clean and neat. She is a nurse and offers herself completly to the cause. Everyone loves her. She is good to everyone. She loves animals and thinks they are people too. She becomes angry when helpless animals are abused or neglected. She becomes angry and so disappointed with herself if she thinks she has been less than perfect for me. She wants me to be happy and to have everything that I desire. She is a great Mother as she has been everything you would want a great mother to be. We fit together physically and mentally.She has tolerated me over the yrs. and waited for me to return to the man she married and loved. It would have been easy to stop loving me,but she didn't. For her sake, I am sorry that she is not 100% perfect. She is as close to perfect as a person on earth could be. THANK YOU G O D for sending me your ANGEL. She has been my angel on earth. We love you GOD and please let me keep her for a while longer!!


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