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ive liked her alot for 92 days now

Well its pretty simple
I was straight, got severely hurt, and now im luvin chicks
simple, I just wish they would know
half my school knows, and my work
Im actually seein one person from work in a different way
shes hott as
nobody agrees with me though
some do
just not people who see her much
its pretty selfish but yeah, nobody wants to help me or listen to me
but its ok because she knows, and she has known for 6 weeks on this very day
ive liked her alot for 92 days now
no no im not keeping count, i just remember the date and just counted on
simple, so yeah thats my story, she flirts constantly, mind you she is 10 years older than me, as im only 15.
but whatever happens and u get severely hurt by a guy, chicks will treat you right!!!
they understand each other because out hormones are the same
so they will help ya
most girls do not get scared if u have a crush on them, they mainly find it as a compliment and know they have a resort if something happens
have fun people!!!
love from me xxx


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