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The lord has sent him an angel

At just the time in his life that he felt that he had everything he could want or ask for, he decided to take a moment in time to corroborate his belief that there wouldn't be anyone who he felt he would want to spend time with, let alone his life. As he browsed, there appeared a window, asking him for a conversation. Harmlessly, he started to chat with a beautiful woman from a nearby town. She peaked his interest, thinking to himself she seems nice. A few days go by, and a few more conversations, the thought ran through his mind that he would like to hear her voice, and see if she was for real. The call came late one night, her voice is that of an angel, a shy and innocent ring to it, but she was much more complex than that. He hung up, smile on his face, thinking this one may just be real. A few days go by, he sits at home relaxing from a long week at work, the phone rings; he thinks to himself that it would be nice to spend a few minutes on the line finding out more about this person. They talk, and share laughs, as time flies by, before he knew, the sun was rising on a brand new day. Now he couldn't tell you word for word what was said, but he knows that something happened that night that would forever change his life, the only question left in his mind was “is she feeling the same hope as he is?”

Time goes by, and for the first time in his life, he is the first to be falling, scared and anxious all at the same time, he asks to finally meet her. He is at the edge of his seat, for nearly a week, meanwhile feelings are stirring inside, far too strong to hide, he blurts out those three little words, without a second thought…..”I love you.” Then, the day they meet, a little nervous indeed, he wonders if she will approve of him as he has her. The day begins, awkward at first, soon they are talking and sharing what he hopes to be the first of many memories, as he cuddles to her at the bar, he looks in the mirror, and smiles to himself, beautiful she is with out a doubt. The day ends, seems like just a few short hours, as they sit in the car, she makes him feel like a teenager again, very nice, but not what he wants to give her as a first for them so they stop. A few more days go by, and they see each other again, he hopes he made her feel as good inside as he feels all day long, they drift off to sleep, such a natural feel, but he has to get up, and head for home, what a raw deal. He drives to see her for just a short time, on her lunch. Excited to see her again, he picks her up; off to lunch they go, to a place he doesn't know. As he sits and looks up at her, he had to take a second glance to ask himself if that was a halo he saw. The lord has sent him an angel, and though he doesn't know what he did to deserve such a blessing, he makes a promise to himself, that she will never want for anything, she will feel a freedom and love she has never known, and to top it all off, her kids will to..…To be continued!


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