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"The hottest love has the coldest end."

There was this guy that liked me alot. He always told me how much he loved me but i told him i didnt like him back. He cried but the next month he asked me out, and during that month i fell for him, so we went out. Our love was so strong. Although we were only in high school, we planned our marriage and future. Everyday at school we would meet, then everyday we'd call eachother. Even everyday wasnt enough for eachother. But for one whole week, something didnt feel right. He stopped calling and he started hanging out with his friends at school. That same week, i heard that he didnt like me anymore and that he didnt want to talk to me. Out of shock, i cried.. and cried. But i called him just to make sure. One of his family members picked up and told me that it was true and told me that he was mad at me. I thought about what i did wrong, but there was no answer. So later at night, i cussed yelled and at him over the internet.. something i should never have done. We cussed and yelled at eachother, but everything i said.. was all a lie. Later that night, he called with his friends laughing in the background, he laughing also. That's when i heard my heart break. I asked him "why?" he always responded with an "i dont know." I cried only to be responded with a laugh. I tried not to cry out loud, choking myself while he laughed. So that was it, but i yelled at him the next day.. again. He thinks i hate him, and i thought i did, but actually i loved him more. A week later, he moved. I wanted to tell him that i loved him and that i was sorry, but i just couldnt find any source of courage. I never got to tell him how i felt. His love for me changed almost instantly, leaving me with nothing but painful memories. Until this day i love him, but i will never get to tell him that...

"The hottest love has the coldest end."


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