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I dont think she is a lesbian, even though she would make an awesome one

Mines not really a story, but just, a general idea of my life.
Hi im a very confused 15 year old girl, and ive come here to tell my life.
It all started when I was falling for a 17 year old guy, it was perfect, I was finding more sexual needs and wanting to be with him, he felt the same way but left me dangling. Since I was silly, hen he played me and fingered and messed with other chicks, I cried, I cried alot, but since I was silly, I still loved him as much as if nothing happened. One day I got sick of it, and I had to do something. So I got a job, and there was this mean bitch, as there always is at any workplace. She was a mean bitch to me for about 2 months, and I couldnt take it, I would go home upset because of things she said, and done. It hurt, alot. And one day she sed something nice to me. And I thought wow she is nice. I looked at her differently, because all I could think about was what this guy did to me and how much it hurt. I thought since she is female too she will know what I have gone through and what its like. I heard rumours around the workplace that she was a lesbian or bisexual. I had to tell somebody, I had to do something more. I asked one of my close workmate friends what i could do?? For some reason, nobody judged me?? I didnt no that lesbians/bisexuals were so well excepted these days, I had no idea. But then the person I asked for advice from, knows her well, for about 4 years, and she told her everything. So now she knows Im in love with her now, and she hasnt been mean since, infact, we had a massive waterfight at work, and everything is going great, but nothing is happening more. SHe has a boyfriend I found out about a month ago. Ive been working there just over 6 months, so she has known for about 2 months, little does she know, I am in love with her and Ihave been for about 4.5 months. She teases me about how she "knows something about me" I know what she is talking about, but I just wish something else would happen, its going so slow. I dont think she is a lesbian, even though she would make an awesome one. I am now attracted, and look at all girls who walk passed, as a girl would for a guy. Despite all of this, my gorgeous manager is the one I love ad I could never hold a relationship with a guy or another chick for that matter. But because of her I have ignored the horrible 17 year old and everything he did to my torn irreplacable heart. To me, she is perfect, I only wish she would help me out. What we have is special, we flirt a lot, it gets me going, but I just wish something would go further...


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