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He is my soul mate... and I love him

Almost 7 years ago I met a guy, he became my best friend, our friendship was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. Everybody kept asking if we were dating, but we weren't, we were best friends. I always tell him everything that happens in my life so does he, we were always together... Than I moved to US, got married, had kids, and after 3 years not seeing him, just talking through internet and phone, I went to my original country, and there he was, we start dating and it was great, I felt complete... but now he is engaged, and he confessed me he loved me all those years, I was so busy thinking about myself that I did not realized, and now he is in love with someone else... I am sure he still in love with me I could see in his eyes, and so am I... but we live more than thousand miles apart, there is a ocean between us, there are more peolpe involved... Isn't that ironic? I was blind thinking of get a good job, thinking about myself that I lost the man that I love, that I care, the most beatiful fellings I have inside of me are for him... And I lost him... I know he loves me, but his fiancee is a great person, I would never interfer between them, because I know she can make him happy, I am not sure about it, 'cause I know he loves me, but we are impossible to each other.... so I just can hope he will be happy, she is a lovely person, and I want his hapinnes as much as I want my own... I am sure I know him from others lives, our love can not be explained, is bigger than everything I ever saw. He is my soul mate... and I love him


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