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The truest love doesn't feel like "butterflies in your stomach".

The truest love doesn't feel like "butterflies in your stomach". It isn't a nervous feeling.It's joy in it's purest form. It's sheer excitment. It's contentment That empty void you couldn't explain is suddenly filled and the desire to live has increased. The desire to be a better person for the one(s) you love has increased. You then think, living for your loved one(s) feels so much more satisfying than living for yourself. The most unlikely activities seem fun to do around him. The truest love, enables there to be happiness through even the most difficult of times.

In my experience, true love lies between myself and he. He is my boyfriend as most people would say, but he is more than that. So much more. He's my best friend, my companion, my lover, my soul mate. I couldn't imagine my life without him nor couldd he imagine his without me. I'm so grateful for him.

He is a wonderful person, and doesn't even realise it despite how much I tell him that. So selfless, so generous, and kind.. and so many other things...just to say the words "I love you" isn't enough to express how much he means to me, all I can say is that I'm unworthy of his kindness.

I know this doesn't actually explain anything, nor does it tell any kind of story, it's just the emotional ramblings of a lovestruck 17 year old who finds it hard to express herself.


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