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why cant we just get married and live happily ever after??

i have been with the most amazing man in the world for quite some time now. we got together on aug. 26th, 2005. He has treated me like a princess from day one. well for starters maybe you should know that when we met i was only 14 years old and he 17. my dad did not like this at all. he said that i would not be aloud to date him, due to the age difference. i really liked the way he treated me
(just as a friend at this time) and thought he would make an amazing boyfriend. well dad got to know him pretty well. turns out he is a great guy. when we were just friends we talked day and night about anything you could think of. history, movies, friends. i found out so much about him. he had become my soul mate. he has never smoked, drank, done drugs, had sex, been farther than first base, been kicked out of school, got anything lower than a B in any class. he was like to good to be true, only it's all true. well about three weeks into our relationship my feelings were extremely strong for him. he was all i could think about. i was staying out of trouble, trying to be his ideal girl. well i got home one day after cheerleading practice... and something just didnt feel right. we lived right next door and i pulled into my driveway and his truck wasnt in his. i kinda got worried then figured he must just be working late. i called his cell phone to see why he wasnt home... no answer. i called again.. no answer. this really worried me, his phone is never off. so i made up all kinds of excuses... he must just be working late and his cell phone battery died so he cant answer the phone. i decided to just go on with my day. i started cleaning my room. when i hear this knock on the door. my dad tells me to come to the living room. i walk in and see his best friend standing there in tears. he says that joe is in the hostpital, he was in a terrible car accident. and right then i lost all support of my body and colapsed. i just fell and instantly started crying. my dad picked me up and drove me to the ER to see him. i knew that he was in bad condition. he could not remember anythign from the accident. that was all i knew. while waiting i tried to decide if i would stay with him if he were parralyzed or if i would leave him. i decided right then that i would stay with him no matter what. b/c i cared to much about him. that's when it hit me. i was in love with him. i told myself i was to young, it was to soon to love him. but i could'nt fight my feelings. i was truly in love with him. well i finally got to see him after three hours of balling in the waiting room waiting to see how serious it was and waiting just to see his face. he looked like he was lost and didnt know where he was or what was going on. come to find out he had a concussion. i was so thankful that i didnt lose him. we went to homecoming together. had a great year together. he spoils me rotten. he bought me a diamond neclace, had roses sent to my class, took me out to dinner, bought me a teddy bear, wrote me the sweetest letter, and treated me like royalty on valentines day. and he wakes up early to take me to work or school. he gives me kisses on the cheek when i least expect them. he holds my hand while he drives and gives me kisses on red lights. he lets me listen to what i want in the car. he knows exactly what i order at panera.(soup and bakery) i mean this is truly the most amazing man in the world. he would never do anything to hurt me. and most importantly... we have never had sex, and he wants us to wait til we're married b/c that's what i told him i was going to do when we first got together. even when i come on to him, he still turns me down and says we have to wait. this is truly the man of any one's dreams. he text's me good night and good morning and spends all of his free time at my house or talking to me. and he loves me for who i am. even says i look beautiful when i am wearing sweats. he is AMAZINGGG. the only thing is that now he is going to college. it is a local college but still, he is so busy always working and doing school work. i understadn that he has to do these things but... we are growing apart and i hate it. i think i am falling out of love with him. and i just want things to be the way that again. why does everything have to be so complicated, why cant we just get married and live happily ever after??


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