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I believe we will be together lives.

I have been with my current boyfriend for 2.5 years and our relationship was full of violence. I witnessed my parents' violence fights when i was young and now im in a violence-love relationship. Few months ago, we had a fight over a tiny problems and it left scar on my face.

At work, my manager,whom i respect,he has a loving wife and children and i thought his marriage is so perfect.He is a kind and caring man. Many times, when i had a prob, he was there to comfort me. We NEVER expected anything more than that. But that day he saw there was a scar on my face. He came to my room and we had a heart-to-heart talk. I burst into tears as i had been holding back my tears for days.That's when he kissed my forehad and i was shocked. I tried to avoid him for 2 days but i could feel he had "something" more than as a manager's sympathy to a juniour staff. I started to miss him when he was having a day-off. And one day, it all started. We had an eye-to-eye contact longer than usual and after work he texted me asking are we having the same feel? I reminded him saying he has a beautiful wife and children and i don't wish to wreck someone's marriage as my dad has an affair too. I knw my mom's pain. But he insisted we meet up. That's how it true love.

We had been together for only 3 months..and it was the most romantic and perfect love i've ever had. We no longer together since his wife found out already. We might have split up and no longer keep in touch but i could feel our hearts r forever in one. I never regret being with him eventhough there was a lot of pain and tears..our memories will forever keep in our hearts. I believe we will be together lives.


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