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A Tribute to Love

Her eyes are like beautiful gems showing all emotion, her gaze is like wild fire, putting my heart to flames she looks at me her beauty clouding my every thought, my every dream and causing me to breathe faster and faster my heart skipping beats here and there with every step I take. The wind blows her hair, going wild and crazy flowing everywhere flowing through me, my heart, my mind, my soul. Her smile makes me fall to my knees asking how I could find a girl as beautiful as she. Is she an angel? Come from the heavens to bless and torment my mind with her elegance and beauty. I try speaking but my tongue is tied. Am I caught in some spell? Unable to escape the wonders of her beauty. She sees in me my hesitation and speaks to me, her soft voice filling the air soothing every ache and pain that I have ever faced. My heart in my throat I was unable to speak she was like a white rose alone in a field surrounded by the most beautiful flowers in the world, but this single white rose was by far the most elegant, perfect in every way. I smiled trying not to look foolish; I was dumbfounded buy her presence every passing moment that I stood by her was like an eternity in itself. My love for her grew and grew, she smiled her perfect smile, our eyes met for the first time and it seemed like time stood still and for that single moment I knew, I knew she had to be mine. Now I know, that she, she is the one for me.


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