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He is 18 and Im 16 so it's rough for us

I have a boyfriend named Justin. I met him through a friend. I didn't know then that I loved him but one day I was hanging out with my friends and He happened to come by. This is the second time I had saw him. Well we talked for hours and I started to like him. I saw who he was and how he thought. We talked about eachothers lives. After that we kapt hanging out and I started to like him. Not for his looks but for HIM. He was so sweet to me when i talked he really listened. It was like a month and I decided that I really liked him. I wrote him a note saying how much I really liked him. Well I had my friend give it too him but when I saw him he never brought it up so I thought he didnt like me. I was on the swing at the park and his frien(also mine sorta) came up and was like are you guys going out and I was like NO. And he was like well you should you are always together and you guys seem happy. Everyone was saying how cute we were and how great it would be to be together. Well a month later he took me home and I gave him a hug by. He hugged me like he ment it. I felt so safe. And as I was walking up the stairs he called my name. And when I tured around he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so shocked I couldn't even bring myself to say yes so I just nodded. and I gave him a big hug and went inside. I ran to my room and called my friend and told her what happened. She was so happy for me. I was so happy. Well its been 1 year and 9 months and we are still happy together. He is 18 and Im 16 so it's rough for us. My parents dont let me go anywhere. But he still stays with me. He makes me sooo happy. He makes me feel like Im the only girl he wants and ever will want. My friends say that we are gonna get married one day. To think of it. I want to get married to him!!! I really love him and I know its true love because I'd do anything for him.....


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