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"I love you too, since day one."

Love can be in the most odd places. Sometimes it takes time to even realize it has happened upon you. When I was ten years old I moved into a new apartment in a new area. I didn't know anyone, so I made sure to talk to the first people I saw that lived in the building. There were some kids my age who lived downstairs from me and they were the first ones I spoke to. They were nice enough, but they kept warning me about the family whose apartment was adjacent to ours. They said that they were rude and unkind and to make SURE to stay away from the oldest boy in the family. Of course after hearing such bad things, I instantly disliked the whole family; but mostly the boy. I spent the next two days ignoring that family and their house. I never saw any of them come outside though and I started to get curious. The next day someone had knocked on my backdoor so I answered it. I poked my head out of the door and spoke to them, but when they left and I was about to close my door the one adjacent to mine opened. I looked, and there he was. On the floor! He wasn't knocked out, he was just... down there. He looked at me and made a face. not a silly face, but a face that said, "who the hell is she?!". He was Beautiful. He had light skin, blonde hair, and wonderful brown eyes. I guess I was staring too hard because before I knew it, the door was closed. I found that extremely rude and I vanished any thought I had about him being cute. As the days progressed I saw alot of him, and his sister and I became the best of friends. And of course, days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and dislike turned to infatuation. I didn't know how or when the change came. I guess it was watching him grow into the most handsome boy I had ever seen. I made a plan. Almost every day I suggested that all of us play weird games like spin the bottle, or dare-double dare (truth wasn't allowed cuz everyone might try to pick it), in hopes that someone would dare me to kiss him. When we finally did kiss, infatuation turned to all out lust. By this time I was fourteen and he was sixteen. I became aggressive. I let him know what I wanted, and he was fine with it. No, we didn't have sex (I was smarter than that). We mostly just kissed and embraced and talked a little. We weren't a couple, everything we did had no strings attached. That is until he got a girlfriend. He didn't tell me, I just found out because I heard him tell the girl on the phone that he loved her, and he wanted her to be his future wife. I couldn't explain the feeling I felt when I heard that, but I suddenly wanted to scream and kick and cause a fuss. But I didn't. I went into the house and sat in my room. A couple weeks later, he, his sister, and I were out on the back porch late. We were talking about relationships and how dumb they were when he said, "Hey, we should be in a relationship"
I looked at him and I was shocked to see that he was serious."Oh please," I said. "What about your precious Diana? I thought you loved her."
That was when he came so close to me that I could feel his chest move as he breathed in and out, and said "What if I told you that I had a Change of heart, or rather, that my heart hasn't changed at all?"
I couldn't believe him! He was telling me that he loved me! I got hostile and threw a fit, telling him that people's feelings don't just switch on and off like lights. I told him that love wasn't just something to say to somebody when you've run out of words. He looked at me then. For a long time he just stood there and stared into my eyes as if he was calculating something. Then he wiped the tears from my eyes, turned, and walked into his house without another word. Two years passed since that night and we were getting along just fine. We were still 'more than friends but less than a couple'. I was out in another city visting my mother when I got a phone call saying that he and his family were moving. I couldn't believe my ears. Moving?! He hadn't said a word! That was when I really sat and thought things through. All those years, all the arguments, all the pain, and all the laughter. All of it was with him. I was never alone in those days because he was always right there to remind me where I belonged. I hung up the phone. My heart was racing, and loss was weighing on it. And then the moment replayed in my mind. The moment he looked into my eyes and wouldn't blink or turn away. He was serious! He had made sure my tears were gone before he walked into the house. He loved me!! And I loved him! But he would never know unless I told him. I then rushed my mother to take me back to Boston. when we got in my area I got out of the car because of too many red lights and ran all the way home. I was out of breath by the time I got there, and I looked up at his window. The lights were out. They were gone. I went into the back and started climbing the stares, crying all the way up. when I got there, I noticed that they had left the door slighlty opened. I was about to close it when I thought 'maybe I should go sit in his room, so I can remember him'. And so I opened the door and stepped into the darkened house. I hadn't even taken ten steps when I heard someone say, "You never could resist temptation."
It was him! I just knew it from his voice. I couldn't turn around. I just crumbled to the floor and began to sob in releif. He came over and took me into his arms. I tried to tell him what i had came to say, but he laid his finger over my lips and said, "I love you too, since day one."


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