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i cant' think about anything but him

i met the most amazing person who i just couldn't take my eyes off him from the first time i saw him. we started planning our life around the three month mark.

we wouldn't slit up for the last year (of three) because we wanted so bad to be together. we did nothing but fight for that last year, but still thought about each other constantly. we tried so hard to stay together and it hurt so bad to leave. it wasn't what i wanted.

losing him wasn't just being apart--it was losing an entire life and future. i had everything. he feels the same as me.

the last times we spent together for splitting bills and getting each others things back, i didn't know til later, but they were really upsetting for him. even when we were together, i didn't know how strong his feelings were.

we would get so mad at each other, but we couldn't stay apart. now, a year after the split, i truely believe in soul mates. i know this sounds typical, but a year later, i still think about him.

i'm afraid this will take over my life. no matter how hard i try the feelings won't stop. i think about him everyday. i imagine his face. everything reminds me of him. when the feeling hits me, it's a crushing feeling on my chest. i cant' think about anything but him. not even sure if this is normal...


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