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i miss my boyfriend a lot when i wrote this story

i love my boyfriend so much.we've been together about a half year ago.i never though that i would be his girlfriend coz before we've known each other he had a girlfriend.we had a tough situations when he still contact with his ex.i was very angry and i'm very possesive.i do know how much he loves me but after the ex thing,i trust him but i made some agreement.i love him so much.but he's a great guy.he never shout at me,he is very affectionate.he knows how to surprise me.he always make me laugh.he is a handsome guy.i like his eyes,very much.he knows how to touch me and everything.i always cry to his shoulder.he's the best thing i ever had in my life.he knows what best for me.he always help me when i'm in trouble.he is the 1 i need.and of course he spoiled me!he is my first boyfriend.he's not my first crush and whatsoever but when i'm with him,i feel so comfortable.i don't really have many guy friends coz i'm a shy girl.if i have something happy happened i just wrote them in my diary.i like to write in my diary.and if someone like me,i always play hard to get.but,this guy,my boyfriend,i don't know how he makes me want him so bad!i like him first by texting him but i was too shy to meet him at first then i'll just agree coz he really want to see me.then,we met.he said he really likes me too.i feel very happy but then our relationship turned out to be bad.i don't like this type of guy but he's changed a lot after we date.he changed because of me.i really appreciate him.i was never been happier than now.after we were dated,my period also turn to normal friends were cheering for me coz they said i am a girl,we're studying in the same college.i will wait for him to marry me after we finished studying...i love him very very much.i miss my boyfriend a lot when i wrote this story..hope you enjoy reading.sorry if my english is broken..;)


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